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Woman Cuts Off Contact With Her Family After They Refuse To Invite Her Girlfriend To Sister's Wedding

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A 20-year-old woman cut off contact with most of her family after she did not receive a plus one for her girlfriend at her 24-year-old sister’s wedding. 

The woman told of her dilemma on the subreddit r/AmItheA**hole (AITA), seeking outside advice.

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The woman came out when she was 16 and did not receive the support she needed from her family. Her sister even asked her repeatedly if she was “still gay.” Four years later, she thought that they had come to accept it.

When her sister began sending out invitations to her wedding with her 25-year-old fiancee, who the original poster (OP) calls Kyle, she was one of the only people to not receive a plus one. She was a bridesmaid in the wedding and considering that all of her cousins and friends got one, she thought she should as well. 

The woman was confused because past interactions between her girlfriend and her sister were very positive.

“We have been dating for 2 years and we're moving in together soon,” she writes. “My sister has always been kind and welcoming to my partner too, so I didn't understand.”

She confronted her sister about the issue, and her sister said she only wanted people who would be in her life long-term at the wedding. Her sister said that she and her partner, who she calls Hannah, were not serious after dating for two years. When asked if her cousin and her boyfriend were serious after dating for four months, she responded with “you never know.”

The woman then put together what her sister’s real motive was.

“I then got very angry because it was clear to me what was happening,” she writes. “I told her that she hasn't changed one bit and if Hannah isn't welcome at the wedding, then I am not going either.”

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Family members on both sides of the wedding have since messaged her to say that she was “ruining the wedding” and that her sister had final say in who gets to attend. These messages had her second-guessing her actions. Hannah even told her that she should go to the wedding alone.

In a later edit, the woman says that she decided to stick to her guns and cut off contact with much of her family. She says that the responses to the post played a big part in her decision to double down, as well as talking it over with Hannah.

People unanimously agreed that the woman was in the right, and therefore not the a**hole (NTA).

Commenters said that while her sister can decide who attends the wedding, she can also choose to stay home and not accept the discrimination.

“That's true, she does have the right to decide who to invite, you however have the right to stay at home with your girlfriend watching bunnies on YouTube during her wedding if that's what you'd rather do,” one commenter who voted NTA said. 

Commenters also applauded the woman for not accepting her sister’s prejudice.

“Your sister is homophobic and bad at hiding it,” another commenter who voted NTA wrote. “If she can’t accept your sexuality and partner then she doesn’t get your presence at her wedding. Simple.”

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