Woman Quits Job After Only One Coworker Showed Up To Her Wedding

She invited all her colleagues.

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A woman from China has shared her experience of her wedding on a Chinese social media app. 

In this viral story, she faced immense humiliation after only one of her co-workers showed up to her big day, so she quit her job the next day.

The woman had invited 70 of her coworkers to her wedding and only one person came.

The woman wrote that she was planning to get married and was originally going to invite a few coworkers she was close with.


However, she thought that people might become offended if she invited just some people from her workplace, so, she invited all of her 70 co-workers to the wedding.

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She thought that since she had attended many of her coworkers' weddings, they would come to hers as well.

But on the day of her wedding, only one coworker, who was her mentee, attended her wedding. 

The woman felt quite humiliated on her big day in front of her family and kept her head down for the entirety of the day.

She mentioned that she reserved six tables for her coworkers, all of which were empty.


She also had to throw out a large amount of food that had been for her coworkers.

She was angry and confused as to why all but one were absent from her wedding. She had sent out the invitations to all her colleagues two months prior to the wedding.

It had been well in advance if any of her co-workers had any other plans to cancel or notify the bride off, but no one made any effort to do so.

The woman quit her job the next day.

It seems the humiliation was too much to handle for the woman as the thought of facing all her co-workers every day after that was unbearable.

She knew couldn't continue working there anymore so she quit her job the next day.


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She had been at her job for five years but, she was willing to give it all up after the humiliation she had to face and the possible humiliation she would face in the future.

Many felt bad for the woman and understood why she took this decision.

“If it were me, I would also resign, because I really have no face to stay in the company any longer. Only one of the 70 people came," One user wrote.

"It is obvious that you have problems with interpersonal relationships. What you call everyone getting along well is just your own opinion."

They went even further, criticizing the colleagues and mentioning that the woman might not get along with anyone in the future due to the toxic work culture there.


While there were people who understood the woman, some people also thought that the woman shouldn't have quit a job she had been doing for five years.

One person suggested an alternative the bride could have used for sending invitations.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t send invitations to all my colleagues in the company...If you want to be better, you can send invitations in private to avoid those who don’t want to go," another user wrote.


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