Ben Affleck's Reported Concern About Jennifer Lopez's Spending Habits Is One Of The Most Relatable Things About The Couple

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez reportedly don't see eye-to-eye on finances — and many married couples can relate.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s rekindled romance has been a major topic of tabloid discussion. Everything from arguments at public events to Affleck angrily closing Lopez’s car door has been reported on, analyzed, and picked apart for deeper meaning.

Recent accounts surrounding the celebrity couple state that Affleck and Lopez don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on how to manage their finances. 


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Ben Affleck’s alleged concern over Jennifer Lopez’s spending habits is the most relatable thing about the couple.

According to The Mirror, Affleck and Lopez have allegedly “clashed over money” ever since they bought a $60 million mansion in Beverly Hills. Their purchase of the 12-bedroom, 24-bathroom home comes one month before their one-year wedding anniversary. Sources told The Mirror that Lopez covered a majority of the cost for their new home, explaining that "Jen's paid for most if not all of it, saying it was the small price to pay for their future happiness.”


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The sources disclosed that Lopez paid for most of the mansion as a way to mitigate conflict over the amount of money she spends. They stated, "If it means it gets her off the hook for having all of the expensive cars, the hired help, day-to-day outgoings on personal trainers, beauty treatments, chefs and fancy yachts then she's OK with fronting the money."


The unnamed sources also said that Jennifer buying the mansion means “she gets to call the shots and remind Ben that she's the boss.”

A different source claimed that Affleck has “always enjoyed spoiling himself, but she takes it to a whole new level.” They explained, “The reality was that, almost right away, she was rolling out the mega yachts, buying fleets of cars and insisting on this A-list couple lifestyle, and Ben didn't have any say in the matter.”

Lopez and Affleck’s conflict over finances is one of the more relatable parts of their marriage.

Allegedly, Lopez’s style of spending is a point of contention in her and Affleck’s marriage, something that any couple who’s fought over money can understand. While their ultra-extravagant spending habits aren’t accessible to most, being a couple that disagrees over how money is spent casts them in a more normal light.

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A 2021 article from listed the top 10 reasons marriages end in divorce. Infidelity was the first reason for divorce; financial trouble was the second. The article made the claim that “a lack of compatibility in the financial arena… causes almost 41% of divorce.”

Lopez’s reported net worth in 2023 is $440 million, while Affleck’s is reported at $150 million. In July 2022, almost immediately after Affleck and Lopez got married in Las Vegas, OK Magazine reported that the couple declined to sign a prenup agreement because their love is “unconditional.”

US society maintains that it’s impolite to talk openly about money, which can translate to a sense of secrecy and shame about experiencing financial challenges. It makes sense that money often creates a basis for conflict between couples, even for those who are extremely wealthy. 


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