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Why Fans Think Bad Bunny & Kendall Jenner Are Faking Their Romance For PR—And That He's Secretly Still With His Ex

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Bad Bunny, Kendall Jenner

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner’s romance seems to be heating up, as the two spent time looking cozy together at Coachella and a Met Gala afterparty— but not everyone thinks their relationship is real.

The two have been photographed on many dates since February, a dramatic change in pace for the ultra-secretive Puerto Rican musician and the most private of the Kardashian sisters. So, how real is their romance?

Why do fans think Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny are faking their romance for publicity?

Certain fans suspect that Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner are dating for PR purposes and they’ve analyzed the couples’ body language in an effort to prove their theory.

One Bad Bunny fan named Evelyn made a post on TikTok that would support the idea that Jenner’s romance with Benito Antonio Ocasio Martinez, is fake.

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“Does anyone else think this is obviously an arranged relationship [or] PR stunt? Their body language just isn’t giving,” Evelyn claimed.



“I just don’t see it,” she wrote in her caption, along with paparazzi photos of Jenner and Bad Bunny together. 

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner both serve to benefit from a little extra attention these days.

In some ways, the idea of their relationship being set up for PR purposes would make sense. Jenner is on the verge of a new season of ‘The Kardashians' being released, and Bad Bunny is on hiatus for the next year, so maybe the two are dating in order to keep their names relevant in pop culture.

Yet the internet’s favorite gossip account, Deuxmoi, posted that the romance between Jenner and Bad Bunny is real. According to a DM received in March via Instagram, “Somebody says, ‘I met someone on vacation who works directly for Bad Bunny, through the music agency that represents him. And he said, their relationship is definitely not a PR stunt, and has seen Kendall at a lot of different gatherings that Bad Bunny was at. But he’s not too sure what was going on with it, and that it seemed like Bad Bunny wasn’t over his previous ex/fling.’ 

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Other fans believe Bad Bunny is still secretly with his ex, Gabriela Berlingeri. 

Those fans looked to Berlingeri’s appearance at Coachella, where Bad Bunny performed, as proof that the two are still together, and are just not going public with their current relationship status. 

Lisette, a clear fan of Berlingeri, said she was “scrolling through Instagram, minding my business when I see that Miss Gabby has arrived at Coachella. She is there, looking like the queen that she is.”



Lisette acknowledged that Berlingeri could just have been at Coachella to be with friends and have a good time, yet wondered if Berlingeri was there to see Bad Bunny’s performance. 

Yet another fan posted footage on TikTok of both Jenner and Berlingeri at Bad Bunny’s Coachella performance. Ev posted that she “saw Gabriela walking to [the] VIP section for Benito’s set! Saw Kendall Jenner walk first, then Gabriela was behind!”

She captured footage on her phone of Jenner walking towards the stage during Bad Bunny’s show, with the caption, “15 seconds before Kendall Jenner walked by, then Gabriela walked behind her.”

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Ev’s followers seemed to agree with the theory that Jenner and Bad Bunny’s relationship is all for publicity. One person said, “So, what if this is just for marketing and Gabriela really is the wife?” 

Another person made the statement, “In my mind, I see Bad Bunny getting with Kendall for him to put Gabriela in the modeling industry.”

But that wasn’t the wildest fan theory the comment thread had in store– one fan claimed that Jenner, Berlingeri, and Bad Bunny are in a throuple. “Kendall is bi and Benito has open relationships, so I think they’re all together,” the fan claimed.

Both Jenner’s and Bad Bunny’s sexual orientations have been the subject of much speculation. 

Some fans think both Jenner and Bad Bunny are queer. Jenner confronted the rumors in a 2018 interview with Vogue Magazine, in which she stated, “I don’t think I have a bisexual or gay bone in my body, but I don’t know! Who knows?! I’m all down for experience— not against it whatsoever— but I’ve never been there before… I’m not gay. I have literally nothing to hide… I would never hide something like that.”

Bad Bunny’s take on sexuality is slightly more fluid. In a 2020 interview with the LA Times, he stated that sexuality “does not define me. At the end of the day, I don’t know if in 20 years I will like a man. One never knows in life. But at the moment I am heterosexual and I like women.” 

While these fan theories seem plausible, they’re also based on speculation, and no one except Jenner and Bad Bunny knows where the truth lies.

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