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Video Surfaces Of Justin Bieber Saying He's 'Turned On' While With Kendall Jenner

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Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber, Kendall Jenner

Before there was the Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez love triangle, the 'Baby' singer was rumored to have been with his now-wife Hailey's best friend, Kendall Jenner.

A resurfaced clip from a 2016 Calvin Klein shoot featuring a rather scandalous conversation between Justin and Kendall has fans wondering if Hailey and Kendall may have both dated the same guy.

In the promotional video for the brand's Spring campaign that year, Justin is seen interviewing with a voice that sounds awfully like Kendall, who is featured in the same campaign.



"Are you turned on right now?" Justin cheekily asks the off-screen voice who immediately replies, "Are you?"

The singer confirms that he is, saying, "Yeah, I'm turned on." When the voice fans believe is Kendall asks why that is, he responds, "Because you're sitting right there ... what do you mean?"

The conversation takes even more of a turn after Kendall agrees that she is too, adding, "Ditto."

An extended version of the clip shows Kendall sitting in the exact same spot as Bieber and smiling into the camera.

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Did Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber date?

While neither Kendall nor Justin has ever confirmed a romance between them, it hasn't stopped fans from speculating.

Both Kendall and Justin have been longtime friends, and the two have publicly supported the other's respective careers over the years.

Kendall Jenner denied she and Justin Bieber were dating saying they're 'friends.'

During an appearance on Nightlight in 2014, according to E! News, Kendall attempted to dispel the rumors, insisting that the pop singer was a "longtime friend of the family."

"Everybody loves to assume things, but no," Kendall remarked.

At the time, the two were regularly seen hanging out, including on what appeared to be a date at Ferdi Restaurant in Paris, France.

In 2015, Justin Bieber said his relationship with Kendall Jenner was never serious.

In March 2015, Justin and Kendall began sparking dating rumors again when they posed for a Vogue photoshoot, where the two sat side-by-side in lounge chairs while a bare-torsoed Justin had his arm around Kendall's shoulder.

In another image, Kendall and Justin were pressed close together, with the reality star captured running her hands along Justin's stomach.

However, in a November 2015 interview with Billboard, Justin alluded to a casual relationship with Kendall, admitting that "it was never serious" between him and Kendall.

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Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner previously alluded to them both being with the same guy.

During a March 2021 episode of Hailey's YouTube series, "Who's In My Bathroom," where Kendall was a guest, the two friends played a game of "Never Have I Ever."

While playing the game, Hailey and Kendall were asked, "Never have I ever ... kissed the same guy as my best friend."

Both Hailey and Kendall, who have been friends for as long as Kendall and Justin have been friends, share a look while laughing before taking the shot, meaning that they have kissed the same guy.

While the two don't elaborate on who, it's rumored that the guy may have been Justin.

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Kendall also previously revealed that she'd been shocked when she found out Hailey and Justin were getting married.

During a 2020 live stream between Hailey, Justin, and Kendall, the 'Holy' singer decided to ask Kendall if she had any inkling that he and Hailey would end up together.



"Erm, honestly… No,” Kendall said. “I didn’t know but I think I hoped. Obviously, Hales is my lady and my best friend, and I, like, wanted it so bad for both of you."

Fans immediately noticed that as soon as Kendall said "no," Hailey's face instantly dropped and for the remainder of the conversation, the model remained completely stone-faced.

Selena Gomez allegedly fell out with Kendall Jenner because the model hooked up with Justin Bieber.

According to Hollywood Life, Selena allegedly felt "stabbed in the back" after hearing that Kendall had "secretly hooked up" with Justin.

At the time, Kendall and Selena had been friends and were often taking trips together.

“Selena has heard that Kendall and Justin are hooking up and feels totally lied to, betrayed, and stabbed in the back by Kendall,” a source told the publication.

“She doesn’t know how long it’s been going on, but she’s convinced it’s actually happening and feels embarrassed and foolish. She doesn’t even consider Kendall a friend anymore.”

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