Woman Who Married A Good Man Shares 3 Things He Does To Make Her A Good Wife

She explained that her husband often goes out of his way to take care of her and their family.

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Being in a healthy and nurturing marriage with someone requires compromise, sacrifice, and dedication to loving them even on their bad days.

No marriage is perfect, by any means, but there are things that couples can do for each other to make sure that the partnership is equal, and in a TikTok video, one woman named Kayla revealed exactly how her husband, Zach, is one of the good ones.

She shared the 3 things her husband does to make her a good wife.

1. He encourages her to relax and offers to take care of the household chores.

In Kayla's video, she explained that her husband would text her while he was on his break, working in cold temperatures outside, to ask how she was doing. When Kayla responded that she was fine except for the freezing temperature outside, her husband encouraged her to stay inside.


He also promised Kayla that when he got home from work, he would take care of all of the chores so that she wouldn't have to. 

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2. He goes out of his way to get groceries.

She shared that her husband drives to work every morning, and on a Monday, she texted him asking how the roads were.



"I didn't mention it, but he knew it was Monday, and on Mondays, I order and pick up groceries," Kayla said. "So he says, 'They just weren't great. There's no reason you should be driving on them. Why don't I just pick up groceries on my way home?'"


She pointed out that the grocery store wasn't anywhere near his route to come home, and he would have to go 25 minutes out of his way to do it.

3. He anticipates her needs and works to make life easier for her.

In a similar vein, Kayla continued, saying that her husband would call her after work and ask how her day had been. When she replied that it was fine except now she was exhausted, he would later pull into the driveway with a smile on his face and a pizza in his hands. He told her that she shouldn't have to worry about cooking dinner or cleaning up tonight.

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"I get comments on my videos saying stuff like, I'm a really good wife, and the truth is, I married a really good man. A man that is not like the rest of them. A man that isn't prompted by anniversaries and Hallmark holidays to make grand gestures because he makes small gestures every day."

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She explained that the best part of their marriage is how much they each bring to the table.

In a follow-up video, Kayla defended both her and her husband after receiving negative comments from viewers, questioning what she does for her husband and how her role as a wife is defined. In response, Kayla remarked that her marriage isn't a competition.

"It isn't about measuring who brings more to the table because it's not about who brings more," she said. "I've said it before and I'm gonna say it again, the best part of our relationship is that we both bring separate things to the table and because we bring separate things, our table is always full."




Kayla maintained that reciprocation is something that works for them, and it isn't about her husband picking up groceries but the fact that he looked at the condition of the roads and preemptively decided that she wasn't going out on them, and he could do it himself. 

Kayla explained that in return, it isn't about her packing his lunch before he leaves for work, but that she chops off the tops of strawberries for him, peels his oranges for him, and doesn't do the dishes in the evening because they don't have a lot of hot water and since her husband works outside for most of the day, she wants him to have the hot water to shower. Instead, she'll wait and do the dishes in the morning.

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"I get up 15 minutes before him every single day for years. I shut off his alarm and I turn the lights down low. I start getting everything ready for him, and then I wake him up gently because I want him to have a good start to the day." 


She claimed that this is the dynamic that works for them, and she chooses each day to wake up and consciously be a good wife to him, the wife that he deserves. "And that's all we can do."

In a world where most heterosexual marriages are not split evenly, and many women are responsible for taking care of 99% of the household chores and responsibilities, this type of dynamic and the gestures that Kayla's husband goes out of his way to do is such a stark contrast to the horror stories of women having to beg their husband to wash a single dish.

As Kayla mentioned in her video, this marriage dynamic might not work in every relationship, but these thoughtful moments are something to be cherished and prove that all it takes for a long-lasting marriage is understanding, commitment, and working together with your partner to ensure that you're both working together and putting in effort.

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