If A Woman's Not Texting You Back, Take These 6 Actions Immediately

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man on his phone anxiously waiting for a text

What do you do when she doesn't text back?

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been regularly texting with a woman and all of a sudden, she stops responding.

This is something many men have experienced at one time or another. It's perfectly normal for a text to go unanswered every once in a while.

The radio silence can bring some feelings of anxiety (understandably!) but, luckily, there are some powerful and gentlemanly ways to take action if she doesn’t respond.

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Here are 6 things to do when the woman you're texting doesn't text you back:

1. Don’t double-text right away

While the first thing you’ll likely think of if she doesn’t respond is to send another text, try not to let that become your immediate action plan.

Unless your response was a common unanswered reply (i.e. "Okay, "yes," or "sure"), wait a bit before you double-text. She may be thinking of a good reply, busy with work, having fun with friends, or simply needing some time away from her phone.



Whatever her reason for not responding, don’t take it to heart. Instead, wait a few hours (or even a couple of days!) before contacting her again. She may reply in the meantime!

2. Text something that would require a response

Asking a question is a great way to position yourself to reliably get a response. Not only does this invite an answer to keep the communication flowing but it’s also a great way to get to know her! 

Here are some examples of what you could ask:

"Happy Friday! Any fun plans this weekend?'

"Although I love the warmer weather, I’m looking forward to Fall. What are some of your favorite Fall-time activities?"

"You mentioned that you enjoyed baseball. What is your favorite team to cheer on?"

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3. Try contacting her on social media

Have you ever received a text and replied in your head without actually sending your response to the other person? This actually happens to a lot of people!

If you haven’t heard from her after a couple of days, you can contact her via social media if you have already exchanged that information with each other.

This way, you will have a better idea as to whether she's ignoring you or if she’s busy and has a good reason not to reply. Send her a Snapchat or a funny meme on Instagram and see if she replies.

It’s worth repeating to only reach out on social media if you've already exchanged that information with one another.

If you're not getting a response and take the extra step to find her on social media when you haven’t already connected there before, she may not have the response you were hoping for.

4. Get your mind off of it

The best thing you can do when you’re waiting for a response is to not wait for a response. Instead, get out and do something fun! Go for a hike with friends or catch up with a family member at a restaurant.

As a bonus, if you end up posting about your adventures on social media or if it comes up the next time you're in touch with each other, that will show her you have a fulfilling life as it is and you’re simply looking for the right woman to help enrich it even further.



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5. Connect with another friend

Having someone else to talk to is a great distraction when the woman you want to talk to isn’t responding right away.

Use this time to congratulate your colleague on his recent promotion or ask your friend if you can bring anything to her housewarming party this upcoming weekend.

When you're not solely focused on getting a response, it’s easier to pass the time without entertaining potential feelings of anxiety

6. Be upfront yet polite

If it’s been a few days and she still hasn’t responded, be upfront with her by asking if she’s still interested. The worst that can happen is that she says "no."

If that’s the case, you have your answer and you are no longer left wondering what she’s thinking. However, she could let you know that she’s been super busy with a big work project and that’s why she has been so unresponsive!

That would provide a wonderful opportunity for you to continue the conversation by asking her a question about the project. 

Being yourself is the most important thing you can do when it comes to communicating with a woman you’re attracted to.

While rejection can happen on occasion, keep in mind that this is part of the journey toward meeting someone who is well-matched for you!

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Sarah Jones is the founder of Introverted Alpha and a dating coach who specializes in helping introverted men.