14 Subtle Dating Tricks That Will Have Women Falling At Your Feet

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Do you wonder why women may not be attracted to you? Do you want to know how to get a girlfriend?

It takes time to understand how to attract women and how to get a girl to like you.

So dating advice about lousy pick-up lines, games, and not being who you are does little when it comes to attracting the right woman in your life, as well as getting her to want you more, sexually.

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What confident, good-looking men do to attract women

There are guys out there who walk into a room and girls just gravitate toward them. Then, there are also men who never worry about how to get girls. Then there is you, the man who wonders "Why can't I get a girlfriend or get a woman to go on a second date?" 

It's because your character traits and personal attributes are not standing out in social scenes or getting attention from the opposite sex. 

The number one key to how to be more attractive to women is to be appealing to yourself. You must see yourself in the way you want women to see you.

This is called inner confidence and you cannot fake inner confidence. As time goes on, it shows.

Women want to be dating a man who is highly desirable, and who also knows how desirable he is. Women love to feel like they worked for something and won a prize and someone strong (like the way men feel like they won a prize too).

It holds more value to be in a relationship with someone who holds themselves of value. Men often place women they date on a pedestal. But the only one that should be on the pedestal is you!

I'm not saying to disrespect women and not do great things for them when it comes to making life decisions. But respect flows and becomes easier when you see yourself in a respectable manner and do not have to place anyone before you because you are enough!

In today’s society, it’s very confusing and challenging to identify yourself as a strong or confident man.

You have people telling you to hold your masculinity, to not be "unfit" in society's eyes. But all of that disappears when you stand in power to honor who you are and exactly what you want as a man.

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Here are 14 dating secrets that will have women falling at your feet:

1. Dress up

Many women love when a man takes the time to invest in his appearance. When you invest in your appearance, it shows a woman that you have class and you like nice things in life. Let’s be honest, we all do. This is not to say this woman will use you or just wants you for money, but she's attracted to something that you can offer her.

Wearing a suit does not mean that you are rich and will attract gold-diggers, but it does say that you got your "stuff" together!

If it’s not a suit make sure you keep up and express fashion as a well-put-together man.

2. Have a passion

When a woman sees that she is not your top priority but still a priority in your life, this helps with the attraction phase. You don’t have to be rich but you have to have a passion.

When you voice your passion with a woman, it can open up some personal deep level conversations with her which women are attracted to, emotionally.

After asking 300 women if they would rather have a man that has a passion or no passion and just money, 91 percent said a passion. That’s pretty high!

3. Walk with confidence

This means a confident posture: standing straight up. Chin up, shoulders back, chest out, tuck your stomach in, make eye contact and smile.

This gives you a sense of stability and pride in others. All these attributes go a long way, especially with first impressions.

4. Be positive

Energy is how you become attractive to women and people. Women are addicted to men who have a positive outlook on life. It shows that you have no attachment to drama and you will do what it takes to have a happy life. It also shows that you have done a lot of personal work and people want in.

It’s like an unsolved mystery that everyone wants. Mastering this will give you so much more control.

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5. Pay attention to your conversations

Want to know how to get girls? Don’t talk about your flaws or your down points. Talk about positive things in life and not the ex-girlfriend that cheated on you. Who really needs to know this, honestly?

It's not always healthy to talk about past relationships. Start this new one with a clean slate and don’t downplay your qualities when attracting a woman.

6. Call the shots

If you want to take her out on a date, call it a date. Call her when you say you will. Tell her you are busy today but free tomorrow and would like to get a drink together at 7 pm.

Call the shots to show you're busy, but also show that you are making time for her.

7. Set boundaries and show value

Set boundaries on what is healthy and what is not and if you see red flags, point them out right away so she knows what you will and will not tolerate. Many men think this will push women away but it does the exact opposite.

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8. Have a lasting impact

You think that by just showing up, you will attract a woman. But you aren't trying to show your positive attributes and make a lasting impression. No matter if, you’re just trying to play it safe, be nice, or are just lazy, stop it.

Strive to impact her all the time by keeping up with witty banter and saying "no" if you don’t want to do something or don’t agree.

Don’t be afraid to crack a joke from time to time and challenge her to show up for you.

9. Have a sense of humor

Women love to find a man that can make them laugh. This does not mean that you have to say a knock-knock joke, but it does mean that you have to let your positive personality traits shine through.

Be witty and show her humor. Maybe even tease her in a respectful, light, banter sort of way.

10. Be carefree

Women find a sense of curiosity in a dangerous or "rebel" type of man. If she's asking you a complicated question that you don’t want to answer, just smile and wink. This isn't up for debate.

Challenge yourself to solve things when it’s the right time and not only on her watch. Also, try something that you want to do. Be spontaneous. Do something that scares you and invite her with you next time.

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11. Master your 'swagger'

Control your conversations. Moments of silence show your confidence. Don’t always talk too much or try to speak over her. Just be calm and relaxed around her.

Once you do this, you can use your "swag" to charm her by being relaxed and confident within your own self.

12. Be social and busy

Women like to know that you are making time for them, even when you're busy. She will feel appreciated and this draws attraction.

13. Be considerate

Remember to pay attention to the things she says so you can surprise her with something thoughtful. Generosity is a form of attraction when it isn’t used often. You don’t want to shower her with compliments and tell her she’s beautiful all the time, but you want to remember the things that she likes.

By delivering this, you score substantial attraction points. Find out her favorite dishes, activities, and hobbies and recreate these on a date.

14. Make the first move

It’s a win-win when you make the first move. Not only are you trying to take control of the situation but you’re getting your answer no matter what. Most of the time if you gauge it correctly, she'll be into it too.

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Not the hottest or richest — the most authentic

Once you change your mindset and hone this list of positive character traits, you will become more attractive to women. Remember: You do not have to be the hottest guy, you do not have to have all your hair, you don’t have to be the tallest man, and you don’t have to be the wealthiest man.

But you do need to know how to control your mindset from focusing on the negative qualities and work on enhancing your positive personality characteristics. Stop comparing yourself to others and stop beating yourself down about what is not happening for you at this moment.

Start thinking and working toward how you can make this happen. The key is within you.

Use your tools wisely and know that you can attract the woman you want into your life if you focus on not obsessing over her and instead obsessing over you.

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Apollonia Ponti is a dating and relationship expert and certified coach who works with men and women to get exactly what they want from their love life. 

This article was originally published at Apollonia Ponti's website. Reprinted with permission from the author.