This Is What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate

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The word "soulmate" can conjure up the most grandiose fantasies about what it feels like to meet this special someone. And while there are a lot of ideas about when you'll feel a sense of the true nature of your connection, meeting soulmates feels remarkably like meeting anyone you're attracted to.

So how will you know when you meet your soulmate? Are there truly signs that will help you recognize them?

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What happens when you meet your soulmate for the first time?

Well, meeting your life partner probably isn't going to make you feel like time has stopped when you catch their gaze. It's more on the ordinary side than the earth-shattering, momentous alternative.

You may experience some sparks and chemistry with them but, like falling in love with anyone, recognizing your soulmate will likely be a slow, steady feeling you develop over time rather than something you sense immediately in your heart.

Many people have the idea that you have one twin soul in the entire universe and encountering them in this lifetime on this little planet of billions of souls is as likely as finding one fine grain of sand on a beach.

If any of those heart-wrenching and hopeless soulmate cliches are to be believed, you may think you'll need to have fireworks going off and flashes of light pointing to the person across from you to recognize your soulmate, but this just isn't the case.

But remember that in the early stages of a soulmate relationship, you will be discovering each other. You're learning what makes the other person tick, and discovering where you disagree.

So, the deep sense of knowing that someone is your soulmate builds over time; it's not something that slaps you in the face the first moment you see each other.

Here are 7 unexpected — and surprising! — ways you'll recognize your soulmate when you meet them.

1. When you finally meet your soulmate, you'll feel incredibly comfortable around them.

Because your inner qualities and values are so well aligned, you feel totally relaxed in his presence and in your relationship.

This isn't just simple relaxation, though — you'll be totally confident in being yourself around them. There'll be no need for you to pretend to be someone else in order for them to like you; they'll recognize and like you for who you are.

This means when you meet your soulmate, a vast majority of the time, you're completely at ease with each other. Though you're excited to see him, you're never nervous about what he thinks about you or overly trying to impress him.

This confidence is going to shine in every encounter you have and will help you feel bold enough to embrace the relationship with your soulmate.

Your connection with your soulmate will be one of not feeling pressured to behave a certain way or pretend to be someone other than yourself. You'll enjoy long silences without feeling the need to fill them with talking. There's a simplicity to being with them; your relationship flows naturally.

"I believe that instead of seeking someone who makes us 'whole,' finding our soulmate means finding someone who helps us bring out our best selves and then walks beside us in life, happy and fulfilled," says life coach Mitzi Bockmann.

When you're at ease with someone and your confidence is high, you'll know the attraction between you is natural. You'll be empowered to just be yourself around them, which is a beautiful feeling!

Confidence in yourself will translate to confidence in your soulmate connection, which means you'll be in a strong, healthy relationship founded on love and trust.

2. Your world won't revolve around your soulmate — they'll be a wonderful addition to your life.

You can take care of yourself, and your soulmate can, too. Neither of you needs the other to fill a void; you're just a loving benefit to one another's lives.

When you're with your soulmate, you'll want to care for them and do things for them. Not because they're lacking or incapable, but because you just want to be with them and care for them.

This feeling is 100 percent your free will and not out of some unconscious, unmet need from childhood you're trying to fulfill, either. You love taking care of them because you love loving them.

3. Your connection with your soulmate will run deeper than physical intimacy.

When you see each other, there's so much that you want to do and say together that you actually hold off on jumping into bed.

Your relationship will feel complete because your connection isn't just sex or taking up space in your life. Talking to and picking your soulmate's brain will be a fascinating and intimate way to spend an evening. The hours may literally feel like minutes while you discover one another.

And when you do connect physically, it's more like the icing on the cake, rather than the whole cake.

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4. You'll feel happy by making your soulmate happy.

Their happiness is a priority for you, and yours is for them.

This isn't because you need them to be happy to get something, or because you need their approval. It simply fills you with joy to see them full of joy.

Likewise, they'll enjoy making you happy as well! 

5. Your everyday life is more enjoyable — everything seems and feels better and brighter.

Yes, the wild dates and late nights are great when your relationship is new and you're both still getting to know each other. But with your soulmate, it doesn't have to be glamorous all of the time in order to be fun.

"If you've found someone who's woken you up, who makes you look at yourself in a way you might not have before, who inspires you to be the best person you can be in the world, and who brings out your joy, you've found your soulmate," Bockmann adds.

And that inspiration doesn't come just from dates and new experiences together, either.

Being comfortable and confident in a relationship with your soulmate might just be finding that person you can do all the little, seemingly unimportant things in your day-to-day. Becoming a better "you" is a choice you'll have every day you're together in surprising ways.

The mundane daily activities of life — like picking up the cleaning, visiting a family member at home, sitting at a cafe together, and even hanging out on the couch with Netflix — have a sense of adventure and purpose breathed into it when you're with your soulmate love.

6. You'll feel long-term contentment just being with your soulmate.

Not the high as a kite, new love drunk kind of happiness that withers in a short amount of time. You're content in a long-lasting way because you complement and support each other in all that you do.

You just know you could spend years with this person and not get tired of them, even once the beginning stages of love have passed and you've been together for a while.

7. You'll empower each other to be your best selves, individually and together.

As a strong and independent person, there's so much more to your life than just your relationship and there always has been. However, your partnership with your soulmate is an additional source of empowerment that continues to help you grow and fulfill your greater life purpose.

This is partly because of the amazing confidence you'll have around them. The ability to be yourself with the person you love will help boost your self-esteem and bolster you to become the best version of yourself possible.

According to dating coaches Orna and Matthew Walters, "Your soulmate will respect and value your differences. The dance of relationship allows your differences to co-exist and complement each other. In a soulmate relationship, your partner will appreciate you for your expertise, and you can allow your partner to step into their genius. The magic of differences means that you will defer to one another’s strengths."

This means you two make each other stronger as you grow together. You encourage one another to grow, expand, and challenge yourselves a little more every day.

So, those are some of the signs of meeting your soulmate

No pouring rain? No fireworks? No twin souls meeting across the vast expanse of the universe?


Just every day, the non-Hollywood reality about what it's really like being with your soulmate in the same real-life situations that come with experience and growth. But now you're growing alongside someone who can enrich your life, and you can do the same for theirs.

May these simple truths about being with your soulmate be inspirational and fill you with hope, excitement, and anticipation to find your soulmate relationship.

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Dina Robison is a soulmate attraction coach, law of attraction coach, and creator of deliberate attraction online courses. You can follow her on Twitter.