The 4 Major Differences Between Soulmates And Life Partners

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People often have misconceptions about what a soulmate really is.

Does this mean that you're destined to be together? Is it really fate that's brought you to each other? Will your love last forever and go down in history, like Romeo and Juliet? 

So then, what does that make your life partner? Can your life partner also be your soulmate?

Or, is a lot of our idea of soulmates based on what we've seen through our television screens and read on the pages of books? 

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First, let's get some things absolutely straight by understanding some basic terminology: A soulmate is a person who is aligned to your soul and can change or influence your soul in some way or another. After that lesson has happened, separation usually happens.

On the other hand, a life partner is a friend or companion who you can lean on and are secure in. You can trust them throughout your entire life. Feelings of love and respect are mutual and you're both in sync with the needs and wants of the other person.

How do the major differences between soulmates and life partners manifest? 

1. In soulmates, there is a deep, spiritual connection.

With a soulmate, it feels as if you've known them for a very long time. Your connection is very deep and almost spiritual in nature.

In a life partnership, you're attracted to one another and their values will resonate with yours.

2. Soulmates often have deja vu type moments.

The feeling of deja vu can be common with a soulmate, whereas in a life partnership, you are simply enjoying each other — both your differences and similarities alike.

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3. Soulmates are able to get in the mind of their partner and understand what they are thinking. 

Soulmates can have an almost psychic level of connection with each other. It can sometimes seem as if they're actually in the other's head.

Life partners are less psychic mind-readers and more along the lines of best friends.

4. Soulmates often realize that their relationship may not last forever, or even for very long.

This can be a huge misconception that people tend to have when it comes to soulmates.

Contrary to popular belief, a soulmate relationship does not always last forever and ever. In fact, sometimes, they may not last very long at all. However, they still know that the love is there and they are comfortable with the impermanence. 

Life partners, however, often want to cement their relationship by beginning a family or getting married, in an attempt to make it more permanent.

Sometimes in our lives, we need a soulmate, and sometimes, we need a life partner. Which do you feel that you need? The choice is entirely up to you. 

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