40 Simply Stunning Wedding Ring Tattoos For Couples

Simple and classic.

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Wedding ring tattoo designs are so much fun to look at when you're trying to decide between a traditional band or a couples tattoo that you can wear on your finger.

On your wedding day, you'll say your vows, exchange your wedding rings, and pledge to spend forever with someone you love. And just as you will spend the rest of your life with your partner, you will also be wearing your chosen couple's rings for just as long.


But even more permanent and commemoratory than a traditional wedding rings is a wedding ring tattoo.

Why do people get wedding ring tattoos?

In recent years, the popularity of wedding ring tattoos has grown exponentially.

Many celebrity couples have taken to the wedding ring tattoo trend, including Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell, David and Victoria Beckham, and Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

If you don't like wearing rings, have a job that requires you to take your jewelry off — like a doctor, athlete or chef — or have a bad habit of losing your belongings, a tattoo may be the ideal alternative.

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Although far less traditional than your average wedding ring, wedding ring tattoos are no less meaningful.

According to Vanity Fair, the ancient Egyptians believed in the vena amoris, meaning the “vein of love” that runs directly from the heart to the fourth finger on the left hand. Ever since then, wedding rings have been worn to symbolize the binding and never-ending love between spouses.

A ring finger tattoo is arguably even more binding than a conventional wedding ring, and the good news is that they can never be lost.

What's more, wedding ring tattoos are exponentially less expensive than an actual wedding band.

The average cost of an engagement ring with a diamond is currently $5,500, and wedding bands typically cost around $900 for women and $500 for men.


Wedding ring tattoos, on the other hand, cost around $50-$300, depending on the artist and the complexity of the design. If you decide to get 3D wedding ring tattoos, the cost can go up to as much as $2000.

When To Get Your Wedding Ring Tattoos

As for timing, don't get tattooed right before your wedding day. Tattoos take time to heal and will likely be sore for about a week.

If you want the tattoos done for your wedding day, it's best to go a week or two in advance.

If you would prefer to get tattooed after, you may want to consider waiting until after your honeymoon as well, since you will need to take care of the tattoo and avoid soaking in hot tubs and pools.


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Choosing Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs, Styles and Ideas

From a simple band or Celtic knot to your wedding date or spouse's name, the options are truly endless and easily discussed with the tattoo artist of your choice.

A wedding ring tattoo can be considerably more personalized than an engraved wedding ring.

If you don't want your design to fade, stick simple designs in dark ink. Still, if complex designs are calling to you, then don't be afraid to go for it, as you can always head back to your artist for a touch-up or two.

Whatever the design, a wedding ring tattoo should celebrate the love between you and your partner.


Whether you choose a simple line, matching infinity signs, or anything in between, these tattoos are a perfect way to celebrate your nuptials.

40 Wedding Ring Tattoo Design Ideas For Couples

1. Simple band wedding ring tattoo

simple band wedding ring tattooPhoto: Mizantropia Tattoo

Simple tattooed bands are the perfect way to celebrate your newfound marital status. This design is classy and elegant, yet bold.


This simple design is perfect as a Christian wedding ring tattoos for couples and if you're worried about the future, it's a style that can be easily created into a unique ring tattoo with other designs added.

2. Anchor wedding ring tattoo

anchor wedding ring tattooPhoto: Pixabay / Mohamed_hassan

Couple tattoos are made better when they have meaning to the twosome getting tatted.


If you and your partner have a soft spot for the ocean, anchor tattoos may be the way to go.

3. Celtic knot wedding ring tattoo

celtic knot wedding ring tattooPhoto: Evan Lemboris

Originating from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall, Celtic knots have a long and meaningful history.

The interwoven designs symbolize the eternal nature of your everlasting love.


4. Marriage date wedding ring tattoo

marriage date wedding ring tattooPhoto: House of Ink Tattoo

There's no excuse for forgetting your anniversary if your wedding date is tattooed on your ring finger.

Pay tribute to your special day with matching wedding date tattoos.

5. Engagement ring tattoo

diamond engagement ring tattooPhoto: Unsplash / Julian Scagliola


If you've always pictured a diamond on your ring finger, then opt for an engagement ring or wedding ring tattoo right where the sparkling crystal would go.

You get the best of both worlds and don't have to make any big changes after the wedding day.

6. Forest wedding ring tattoo

forest wedding ring tattooPhoto: Jesse Phillips


A unique design that is meaningful to the couple makes some of the best wedding ring tattoos.

This forest tree line is a beautiful tattoo for any outdoorsy couple. Since many Southern states have beautiful forests, this design can inspire other ideas for country wedding ring tattoos.

7. Infinity sign wedding ring tattoo

infinity sign wedding ring tattooPhoto: Insane Shades


What better way to symbolize your never-ending love than a tattoo of an infinity sign?

Infinity symbols are excellent choices for gold wedding ring tattoos that are not like everyone else's.

8. Initial wedding ring tattoo

initial wedding ring tattooPhoto: Dan Wilbur

Pay homage to your partner by getting their initials tattooed on your finger.


Whether you go big and bold, like this "G", or small and dainty, your loved one is sure to feel appreciated.

9. Lock and Key 3D wedding ring tattoo

lock and key 3D wedding ring tattooPhoto: Faelan Wilson

If your partner feels like your missing piece, go for corresponding lock and key tattoos.

10. Matching heartbeat wedding ring tattoo

matching heartbeat wedding ring tattooPhoto: Storylines Tattoo


It's said that in a relationship, lovers' hearts beat in sync. Represent this with matching heartbeat tattoos.

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11. Pride wedding ring tattoo

pride wedding ring tattooPhoto: Diogenis

If you're part of the LGBTQ+ community, wear your pride on your finger with rainbow ring finger tattoos.


12. Roman numerals wedding ring tattoo

roman numeral wedding ring tattooPhoto: Shutterstock / Melisamok

Combine the simplicity of a tattoo wedding band with the significance of your wedding date and get roman numerals tattoo rings.

13. Skull wedding ring tattoos

skull wedding ring tattooPhoto: Royalty Tattoo Long Island


Tattoo wedding rings don't have to be as simple as thin lines and infinity signs. Skull wedding ring tattoos may be more fitting for a fun gothic couple.

14. Simple star wedding ring tattoo

simple star wedding ring tattooPhoto: Muslubash Tattoo

Simple wedding ring tattoos, like this small star, can be stylish, stunning, and classy.


15. 'Til death wedding ring tattoo

til death wedding ring tattooPhoto: Pallis Rupinta

If you vowed to remain together until death does you part, put your promise on display with this tattoo.

16. Vine wedding ring tattoo

vine wedding ring tattooPhoto: Shutterstock / Doomdidii


These vine tattoos keep the style of a band with a fashionable and unique nature-inspired twist.

17. Matching stars wedding ring tattoo

matching stars wedding ring tattooPhoto: Witch of The North Tattoos

A matching tattoo is a perfect way to demonstrate your loving partnership, and these small matching star tattoos are an adorable option.


18. Heart wedding ring tattoo

heart wedding ring tattooPhoto: Jos Art Tattoo Studio

Wear your heart on your finger and incorporate the symbol of love into your wedding band tattoo.

19. Leaf wedding ring tattoo

leaf wedding ring tattooPhoto: Katarzyna Grębska


Make a simple band tattoo a bit more unique by adding stylized designs, like this stunning leaf.

20. Crown wedding ring tattoo

Crown wedding ring tattooPhoto: Rooted Body Tattoo

If you've met the king to your queenship, or vice versa, show off your royal relationship with a crown tattoo on your ring finger.

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21. Wedding ring tattoo under a real ring

Tattoo wedding ring under a real ringPhoto: Autumn Gore

Getting a tattoo ring under a real ring means that you can have the best of both worlds. This ink tattoo demonstrates the uniqueness of intertwined wedding and engagement ring tattoos.

This tattoo design complements and enhances the beauty of the physical and remarkable ring. You can also wear an engagement ring — or not.


22. Pixel heart wedding ring tattoo

Pixel heart wedding ring tattooPhoto: Thais Helena

This 8-bit pixel design adds a fun twist to a classic heart tattoo.

23. Gothic wedding ring tattoos

Coffin wedding ring tattooPhoto: Tracy Campbell


If you and your partner prefer spooky styles over delicate designs, opt for a Gothic-inspired wedding ring tattoo, like this coffin one.

24. Red ink wedding ring tattoo

Red ink wedding ring tattooPhoto: Tattoo Bingo Co.

Add a fun pop of color to any simple wedding band tattoo by using red ink.

25. Cross wedding ring tattoos

Cross wedding ring tattooPhoto: Bora Tattooer


A tattoo may not be part of a traditional Christian wedding, but you can still honor your faith with a cross wedding ring tattoo.

26. Arrows wedding ring tattoo

Arrow wedding ring tattooPhoto: Chels Tattoo

If you've been struck by cupids' bow and arrow, get matching arrow wedding band tattoos with your partner. You can even incorporate your initials into the design like this couple did.


27. Mr. and Mrs. wedding ring tattoo

Mr and Mrs wedding ring tattooPhoto: Anna Eidenberg

Ensure that everyone knows you're happily married with corresponding Mr. and Mrs. Tattoos.

28. Irish wedding ring tattoos

Irish Wedding ring tattooPhoto: Bora Tattooer


A wedding ring tattoo is an excellent way to highlight your heritage. If you're Irish, this clover tattoo is an endearing option.

29. Realistic wedding ring tattoos

Realistic wedding ring tattooPhoto: Lyzz Lundberg


Get all of the bling without an actual ring. This tattoo style combines the beauty of white ink and a diamond wedding ring tattoo idea.

30. Christian wedding ring tattoo

Christian wedding ring tattooPhoto: Nguyễn Tiến Anh

If you're having a Christian wedding ceremony, choose a wedding ring tattoo design that further commemorates your religious beliefs. This one would also look nice in silver.


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31. King and Queen of Hearts wedding ring tattoos

king and queen of hearts wedding ring tattooPhoto: Tattoos by Mermeg

Matching king and queen of hearts tattoos are perfect for any power couple.

32. Meaningful dashes wedding ring tattoo

meaningful dashes wedding ring tattooPhoto: Dominik the WHO


Although this design looks super simple, it can actually be incredibly meaningful. In this couple's case, two of the lines represent the married pair and the third line represents their daughter.

33. Colorful turtle wedding ring tattoo

Colorful turtle wedding ring tattooPhoto: Sam Lott

This colorful tattoo is perfect for a fun, animal-loving couple. Other animal designs can be done as watercolor wedding ring tattoos.


34. Soulmate wedding ring tattoos

Soulmate wedding ring tattooPhoto: Anna Eidenberg

These connecting wedding ring tattoos are perfect for a pair of soulmates who are unconditionally in love and deeply connected.

35. Simple heart wedding ring tattoo

Simple heart wedding ring tattooPhoto: Rooted Body Tattoo


According to the ancient Egyptians, the vein of love runs directly from your heart to your left-hand ring finger, making a wedding ring heart tattoo the perfect tatt.

36. Cat wedding ring tattoo

Cat wedding ring tattooPhoto: Chula Stick and Poke

If you and your partner pride yourselves on being the best cat parents out there, then this kitty cat wedding ring tattoo is purrfect for you.

37. Last name wedding ring tattoo

Last name wedding ring tattooPhoto: Lexx Marie

Celebrate the fact that you and your partner now share a last name with this wedding ring tattoo or if you want simplicity, wedding ring initial tattoos are a cute option similar to this style.

38. Crow wedding ring tattoo

Crow wedding ring tattooPhoto: Lexx Marie

Crows mate for life and often symbolize wisdom, future and love, making a crow tattoo an exceptional way to celebrate your loving future together.

39. Wedding date and band tattoo

Wedding date and band tattooPhoto: Chula Stick and Poke

Turn your wedding date into a wedding ring by placing it on the top of your finger.

40. Tulip wedding ring tattoo

Tulip wedding ring tattooPhoto: Bora Tattooer

This beautiful flower represents perfect and unconditional love. A tulip wedding ring tattoo is a thoughtful and stunning tribute to your never-ending and love-filled partnership.

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