3 Ways To Become A Highly-Desirable Woman — And Make Him Want You Bad

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How To Make Him Want You

Nice, well-rounded women are great, but it takes more than being a high-value, quality lady to keep men chasing after you and become the center of their world — you have to be desirable, too.

So what's the difference? 

A high-value woman is someone that he admires and finds irresistible because of her healthy boundaries, confidence, self-esteem, and feminine softness.

A highly-desirable woman, on the other hand, makes him go crazy with his want for you. She knows how to rock his world on every level: mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Quality men get engrossed in the presence of a highly-desirable woman. It is her inexplicable mystery and intricate personality that break through his walls and boundaries.

She is the type of woman he will happily surrender his highly guarded freedom for — the kind that shows how to make him want her.

She is an enchantress, who leaves men feeling helpless to their desires for her attention and affection.

Desirable women know that in order to attract and keep a man, he must want them badly.

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Here are three ways to become a highly desirable woman — and make him want you bad:

1. Have an exceptional personality

A highly-desirable woman can carry conversations, is very talented, and has her own peculiar views on life. In short, men can learn something from her, and that is why she is never dull to be around.

Have some passion for life and the world around you, and don't be afraid to speak up about it! Talk about the latest book you’ve read or your latest travel experience. Talk about things other than the mundane details of your relationship.

There is more to life. Engage him by showing him colorful layers of your life and the world. Be a woman of substance.

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2. Be a sexual goddess

A desirable woman fully owns her sexuality. She is aware of her own erogenous zones and is not ashamed to guide him there.

What's more, she can revel in pure, heavenly, carnal pleasure without feelings of guilt or insecurity.

Knowing that many men connect through sex, a sexual goddess shows him a whole new world in the bedroom, allowing for a transcendental experience that is sure to ruin him for any other lover.

So the next time you're intimate with your guy, don't hold back. 

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3. Subtly calls the shots

A highly-desirable woman knows the art of "bewitching," which gives her the upper hand in the relationship. She can make a man believe that he is the one in charge when in reality, she rules his world.

She abides by her own rules, and no one else's.

Yet she gets what she wants from a man in her own, feminine way — not through reactive words, but through radical actions. She appears soft and graceful on the outside but is strong and independent on the inside.

She knows that at any time she has a choice — either to take him or leave him — and this gives her a source of inner power. 

A highly-desirable woman is that perfect mix of sugar and spice, naughty and nice. That's why desirable women, who also exhibit high-quality traits, get the real deal: their eternal desire and commitment.

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Gem Villamin is a love and life coach and feminine energy healer.