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About Gem Villamin

Being a life coach and dating & relationship expert wasn’t part of my grand life plan but somehow my life journey brought me to this path and I have embraced it with all my heart and invested so much of myself in what I call my purpose in life. The last ten years of my life has been my most fulfilling yet, as I have found my passion - helping people heal and transform themselves so they can embrace their life journeys and attract their dream love persons. 

My own journey has been my biggest education. I believe this is my secret weapon and elixir because nothing can give anyone a closer perspective on what it’s like and what it feels like than by being in one’s shoes. So failed relationships? Insecurity and anxiety towards courtship and dating? Failed marriages? Second chances? Think of every imaginable love story and I can bet I’ve already been in it and gone through it. That is how I came to be what I am today. 

After years of studying femininity and sensuality, I have come to realize the secret of being the type of woman that gets the Alpha Male, the Prince Charming, the guy dreams are made of. And I have found so much fulfilment seeing women who I have mentored shed their outer layers of insecurity, transform inwards to heal and unravel their beauty and strength, and blossom into the Cleopatra’s they have always been. 

Why Cleopatra?

Cleopatra has been hailed the Queen of the Nile, an iconic woman known to have brought two of the most powerful men at her feet, using what every female has in her power – grace, femininity, beauty and irresistible charm.

It looks like Cleopatra was like Elizabeth Taylor in the flesh, wasn’t she? She seemed as beautiful as she was described in books. 

BUT what women don’t know is that when Cleopatra’s remains were found, and her facial bones were restructured, she bore no resemblance at all to the beautiful women who have portrayed her in movies, or to the paintings drawn of her in art works. The truth is: She looked like an average woman during her time. 

She looked like one of us. 

What set Cleopatra apart is her knowledge that she is valuable. Her magnetic aura is something all women have. 

We just need to discover it deep inside of us and unleash its power to attract everything AND everyone our heart desires. 

I specialise in helping single women who want to find their Mr. Right and those who want to recover from failed relationships and get their second chances.  

My dating advice, strategies and mentoring methods are practical but detailed and has concrete step-by-step instructions. I don’t dictate what to do, but if you need a really detailed approach and guidance - I can do that. I do my best to dig in and uncover the heart of the matter. I would like to be your girl best friend - your 911, your ride or die, your life coach. With my private community, self-paced coaching and soon-to-be-launched online courses, I will not only guide you through your journey, I personally guarantee that I will be holding your hand all throughout, cheering you on.  

Here’s to unravelling your inner Cleopatra! 

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