Video Of Kitten Loving On Man Will Hypnotize You With Cuteness

Kittens equal love.

man and a little kitten Raphael Angeli | Canva

An adorable video of kittens has caused a lot of hearts to melt.

This video came to us from YouTube user Halim Amori. It's a precious video, and we know you will melt when you see the cuddles that take place between Halim and his roommate's cat Mia.

The friend who was living with him at the time came home one day and said he found a cat. Immediately they took Mia in, unknowing that they were just who each other needed the most at that time.


Every night at 12 o'clock Halim would go out into the living room and play with her while his roommate slept. After two to three months she got used to Halim and it became their nightly routine.

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Halim had this to say about the video: "Every day while I'm making a cafe that's what happens I love her so much and I think she loves me back."


This video shows the true love that people share with their pets.

One day Halim was speaking to his mom on Skype and he was going through Tumblr and he came across a GIF of Mia on his neck.

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He didn't realize he uploaded the video of him and the cat to YouTube until after he spoke to the creator of the gif who found the video.

His video went viral and he had many news outlets contact him. His video was used by TruTV and his video was broadcast in 2015.

TruTV put his video under the category of "a reason a girl would leave a guy once someone else's hair was on his shirt." That was very embarrassing for Halim but he found it hysterical. Even his aunt saw his video on TV!


He wrote, "So I was digging through my PC and I found this video of Mia (the cat from the first video), and know you guys liked the first video here is another video of her sleeping on my lap... I hope you guys enjoy it."

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On YouTube, he has over 3K subscribers to his channel, and his original cat video from eight years ago has over 5 million views.

In response to all the positive feedback Halim has been receiving, he uploaded this video with this comment, "So I went back to my parents for the vacation and I saw a couple of cats outside and this video happened !!! so I guess I have my way with cats. I hope you guys like it."


It looks like Halim has a great connection to all cats in general and he loves spending time with them.

And the cats seem to love him, too.

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