This Old Grumpy Feral Cat Met Some Kittens And Proved How Powerful Love Is

Kittens soften even the hardest souls.

Sweet Cat Viral Video Of Feral Grumpy Cat Falling In Love With Foster Kittens Irina Kozorog / Shutterstock

Any animal lover knows that no matter what your animal does, you will ALWAYS love them.

They could be climbing the pool screen and pretending to be a spider monkey (like mine is currently attempting to do for the 3rd time today).

But no matter what, many of us LOVE them through and through. On their good days and their bad, you give them love and in return, you receive it.

And you know by the end of the day you and your animals will be cuddling even if one gave you a major scratch an hour ago.


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But what if you fostered a REALLY GRUMPY cat? Would you still love him just as much as your well-behaved cat?

And what if this grumpy cat was feral, feisty, and had advanced kidney disease? Not to mention how much he hates — and I mean HATES — human beings.

Not many people would be able to handle it and most likely, many would have chosen to him put down.

But not the amazing people who manage the TinyKittens Facbook account, dedicated to rescuing and fostering (and live-streaming) cats. They NEVER gave up.

They took on the challenge of bringing in feral and terminally ill Mason — a grandpa cat with a hell of a temper. They firmly believed that deserved a happy life.


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His kind foster parents fixed up his foot and his teeth, and in no time Mason became fairly comfortable in his new home. He played with toys like a normal, domestic cat — and when his new owners thought he couldn’t progress anymore, enter the two MOST adorable kittens.

And then, as you can see in this sweet cat viral video, something unusual and amazing thing happened: 

Mason embraced the foster kittens with the love that he never fully expressed to his owners.


It makes you think Mason was destined to be a CAT DADDY — or shall I say a cat granddaddy — and never got the chance. But Mason probably never experienced love like he does now with his new owners and the foster kitties. He never truly felt love or gave love like a normal house cat.

And sometimes the softest things, like kittens, touch the coldest, battle-scarred heart.

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These kittens brought something out of Mason that no one thought was possible. It's not often that adult cats — especially male ones — take to kittens so quickly (or at all), but thanks to his loving owners who gave him a chance, Mason got to keep living and learned to let in a little love.


Check out the sweet cat viral video that gave us all the feels:

The important thing that the kitties and his owners did was look past Mason’s tough exterior. In doing so, Mason was treated like a normal cat and wasn’t pushed aside like so many times before.


Finally he is allowed to bring down his tough walls that he had for so many years as a feral cat. And now he can cuddle and lick and play ALL he wants with no worries about being beat up on the street. He is in a loving home and starting to fit right in.

Shelby Henderson is a frequent contributor to Yourtango.