Stray Cat Clings To Delivery Driver's Leg & Won't Let Go — So He Decides To Rescue Her & Take Her Home

Sometimes you don't choose your pets. They choose you.

delivery driver, stray cat @dretontheborder / TikTok 

While a man was out making food deliveries, an unexpected new friend approached him in a parking lot and refused to leave his side

The man took it as a sign that he just had to bring this new furry little companion home with him, even though his family was hesitant about it. 

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A stray cat followed the man in a parking lot and clung to his leg while he was making food deliveries. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 3 million times, the man’s mother, who came with him to assist with deliveries, recorded her son in the parking lot as a stray cat clung to his leg and refused to let go. 


“My youngest son was out making deliveries last night,” she wrote in the text overlay of the video. “A cat kept following him. Then jumped onto his leg and would not let go.” 

In the video, the man appears to be confused about how to handle the cat, shaking his leg, and then attempting to gently try to pry her off. However, the cat won’t budge. 



The man eventually lifts her up into his arms and it's clear that she stole his heart. At that moment, he too, could not bring himself to leave her side. 


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The delivery driver decided to take the cat home with him. 

“He called me and said, ‘Mom PLEASE — I have to bring this cat home. It keeps following me. It is on me,’” the man’s mother shared. 

Initially, the mother was against her son’s request, admitting that they are not “cat people,” saying, “I was freaking out. I said, ‘No, Manches! No!’ Then he sent me a video of the cat literally clinging on to him.”

After seeing the unbreakable bond between the two, the mother agreed to let her son bring his new little friend along for the remainder of his deliveries, where she remained perched upon his shoulder the entire time. 


When his shift came to an end, the mother could not resist allowing her son to take the cat home with them. She filmed him as he drove the three of them home, with the cat happily sitting on her new owner’s lap. 

“He rescued her,” the mother wrote in the text overlay of the video. “I guess we are cat people after all.”

She revealed that the white cat appeared to be “super skinny” and that they planned to take her to the veterinarian’s office to be checked out. 

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The man's family also fell in love with the cat. 

After bringing the cat home, the woman admitted that she and the rest of their family, including their dogs, are “getting to know each other.” 


The family named her “Venus” and, like the man who rescued her, they all quickly fell in love. The mother described their new pet as “super calm and sweet.” 



Other TikTok users were also smitten with the cat, and happy that she found her forever home. 

“You’re an angel of a person, and a mom for doing this for your son and the cat,” one user commented. 


“Some people aren’t cat people until their cat finds them,” another user pointed out. 

This touching story is a great reminder that all animals, whether pets or not, deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. And lucky for sweet Venus, it seems like she hit the jackpot with the family who took her home.

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