6 Tips To Give Him A Smooch That Will Drive Him INSANE With Lust

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Kissing is one of the most basic and essential erotic acts.

Yet it is not as simple as locking lips — there are many ways to kiss and learning how to kiss your lover in the way they like to be kissed is well worth it.

Your first kiss with a new love interest is an incredible moment and reveals so much about your compatibility as a potential lover.

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Here are six tips on how to give him a smooch that will drive him insane with lust:

1. Start by making long eye contact.

This is a classic move to initiate a kiss. Look into their eyes, then at their lips, and back to their eyes.

Lean forward slightly and then pay close attention to their cues.

Do they smile and lean forward? Or do they hesitate and pull back?

This is a pretty great way to know if the person wants to kiss you.

2. Take it slow.

Start with a soft kiss on just the lips, or maybe even the cheek, forehead, or wrist.

This helps establish contact and turn up the heat. Being a tease is way sexier than being over-eager.

Let the kiss "bloom" kiss the lips first, and if the kiss wants to heat up your lover’s mouth will open to you. Never shove your tongue in.

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3. Let your lover kiss you.

Receive the kiss rather than be desperate and take over.

Kissing is like a dance where your lips and tongue meet, you want to play on that edge and not be too pushy.

4. If you can, use your hands on the rest of your lover’s body.

Gently rest your hands on the shoulders, play with the hair, wrap one arm around the lower waist, etc.

Make it a full-body experience.

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5. Take breaks.

If the kiss is good and there is chemistry, you can always start up again.

Don’t feel the need to kiss for minutes on end all the time.

6. Follow your lover’s lead.

Most people kiss how they want to be kissed, so pay attention to what your lover is doing and return that style.

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