10 Little Things That Make Women Feel Beautiful

There's nothing wrong with loving yourself.

10 Little Things That Make Us Feel BEAUTIFUL getty

When is the last time you felt really, really good about yourself? Have you mastered the art of how to love yourself? If it takes you a minute or five (as it did with some of the women featured in this story), or you can’t manage to recall (as it did with a surprising amount of others), you’re well overdue.

Whether it’s having achieved something they worked hard for or just appreciating the little parts of themselves that make them uniquely special (as one woman put it, “sometimes, you just need something to get dressed up for”), 10 women reveal the moments during which they’ve felt, and continue to feel, their best.


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We suggest you stash this list for inspiration the next time you’re experiencing the blahs.

1. "Surprisingly, last week I went to work with absolutely no makeup on, just moisturizer and lip balm, because my skin was dry and needed to breathe. I just felt so beautiful and natural." —Allie, 25


2. "It might sound funny, but I think the last time I felt beautiful was right after I maxed out my deadlift at 185 pounds. I've never lifted so much and it made me feel proud, confident and beautiful." —Stephanie, 28

3. "The last time I felt beautiful was when I got my naturally very curly hair straightened. I always feel most beautiful with straight hair." —Alyssa, 30

4. "Since January, I've been exercising a lot more and am starting to feel more comfortable in my own skin than I've felt the last few years. The other morning, I was getting dressed and my boyfriend told me I was the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. It not only meant a lot because I've been working hard on my body, but it meant even more that he said that during those times when I wasn't exercising or looking my best. It showed me that I never have to change my body for anyone but for myself. " —Jenn, 26

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5. "The last time I felt beautiful was when I was most comfortable. Warm in a big sweatshirt, my hair a little messy, my skin fresh and mostly make-up free, and with simple accents like a nude nail polish, simple necklace and cute slippers on." —Katie, 28

6. "I recently had a tutorial at M.A.C and have felt more confident about wearing makeup since, but sometimes I feel even prettier after the gym when drinking my protein shake because I feel strong, healthy and just really good about myself." —Jamie, 27

7. "The last time I felt truly beautiful was my wedding day! Everything from my dress, hair, makeup, and my overall demeanor for the day made me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world!" —Mayra, 31

8. "Yesterday morning! I had leftover makeup on from the night before (miraculously not smudged!) and my hair still looked good. No effort and glamorous!" —Mallory, 26


9. "I'd been putting off getting my hair cut for a really long time. I recently decided to bite the bullet and had five inches cut off at a more expensive salon than usual, and am happy I did because I love the way they styled it and I feel really refreshed." —Jess, 30

10. "I went to a wedding and felt beautiful then. I found a dress I loved, got my hair curled, nails painted — the works! Sometimes, you just need something to get dressed up for." —Vicky, 31

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