5 Subtle Ways To Show Confidence On The First Date

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Being a woman with confidence in today’s day and age has some downsides, unfortunately. Especially in terms of our social lives.

People often get the impression that when we have confidence then we are too good for them, that we are extremely driven and too proud of our accomplishments.

Moreover, they assume that we need constant validation and attention. That isn’t the case. 

However, a lot of women fear it in other women, and boys, in particular, are threatened by it on dates because they fear being emasculated. 

Nevertheless, the thing we forget is that confidence gives you an extra bit of edge in the dating scene.

Even if we aren’t the most confident women in the world, or we simply refrain from showing such confidence, it’s tricky how much of it to show off while on dates.

And let’s be honest, first impressions are based on expressions of confidence.  

But fear not! I have the perfect ways to subtly show off your confidence that will showcase your best qualities but won’t completely scare them off. 

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Here are 5 subtle ways to show confidence on the first date:

1. Give yourself time to get ready

Right before the date, give yourself extra time to get ready in order to ensure you look your best.

You’re already nervous enough, so why not give yourself those extra minutes for touch-ups or outfit changes?

While you’re at it, take some good selfies!

Regardless, you’ll feel really good about yourself and won’t be regretting or second-guess your appearance. 

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2. Wear something that feels good

There is nothing worse than wearing something that’s super uncomfortable or tight to the point it makes you worry about every fat roll you think you have.

So, wear something that’ll accentuate your curves, flatter your body type and make you feel happy and confident!

3. Place the attention on them

Not only does directing some attention toward your date make you seem humble, but it also makes you seem interested in getting to know them better.

Moreover, confident people aren’t afraid to start a conversation, so feel free to ask them some unique questions and get the convo flowing. 

Remember: The more you can make someone feel heard and understood, the more connected they will feel to you.

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4. Be yourself

You can only hide so much of yourself on the first date and through the early stages of a relationship.

Hence, make sure you know how to be yourself in a world that makes you feel like you shouldn’t.

Order that burger instead of a salad. Speak up if you don’t feel comfortable. Express what you wish to.

Just don’t change based on who you are around; they can tell when you’re being someone you aren’t.

5. Laugh it off

If anything morbidly embarrassing happens during your date, just laugh it off. No matter how hard you want to cry from embarrassment.

Conversely, if the date goes horribly and you feel like giving up dating altogether, go home and watch a funny movie. 

Thus your night will end on a high note. Moreover, this way you won’t lose any confidence.

Also, you won’t have hard feelings about going on dates the next time an opportunity arises.

You can skillfully navigate your way through any date with the right amount of confidence in the areas that need it the most.

Your personality and interests will do the rest of the hard work for you. Just relax.

Give yourself time and enjoy it for what it is (even if you’re so nervous that you want to crawl under the table and hide for the remainder of the date).

These small tips will give you the confidence boost you need and will be key in future dates to come.

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Brittany Christopoulos is a broadcast journalist, fill-in co-host, TV/Radio reporter, digital journalist, and senior writer and head of trending news at Unwritten.

This article was originally published at Unwritten. Reprinted with permission from the author.