6 Signs You For Sure Found Your True Soulmate

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We have a certain feeling inside of us that we are completely unable to describe, and we only have this certain kind of feeling whenever we are with someone specifically. There aren't any words you can say that would give the feeling any justice, it's just something that you have to feel for yourself.

Not everyone is able to find this kind of feeling for another person... or ever; sometimes, it really just depends on who you are. If you think you have found the one, you already know what this means to you.

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You're probably thinking about them the more you continue reading this. That's how powerful this feeling is — even when you're not trying to think about them, you are subconsciously.

Here are 6 signs that mean you have found the one true soulmate that was meant for you:

1. You overcome everything together.

When you find your true soulmate, there isn't anything that the both of you aren't able of overcoming together. Sure, there are a lot of hardships or adversity that may have stuck obstacles in your way, but you both somehow managed to pull everything back together even when you both may have thought there was no coming back from it.

You would never find yourself in a situation where you'd think you'd have to leave the other person in order to satisfy a piece of their happiness that maybe you weren't living up to. Despite the many challenges that have been brought before your relationship, you both took a stand and made sure that the two of you were going to be the last ones standing.

2. You can read each other's minds.

Maybe not literally reading each other's minds, but you both know each other so well that you pretty much already know what they are going to say, what they want, what they need, what they were going to do... anything.

This is another way of knowing that you have your one true love. Even when you didn't even ask them for anything at all, they still somehow read your mind and bring you the thing that you were needing most at that moment in time.

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3. You're still yourselves.

Regardless of being each other's one true love, you both have not lost yourselves to one another. Meaning that you still have the same personality you did when you first began dating. Of course, you both have probably made a lot of changes over the years, but you're still the same people as when you first fell in love.

This doesn't happen in a lot of relationships and some people lose themselves to the other person entirely. It's important that you maintain this kind of bond with each other and not try to become something that either of you is not.

4. You have vivid dreams about them.

There may even be times where you begin to dream about them. Your love for them is so powerful that you are literally thinking about them even when you're asleep.

These dreams can be extremely vivid and put in just the right atmosphere. Of course, it is your brain, so you would hope that you would go to a happy place whenever you think about your soulmate. 

Who knows? You might have been dreaming about them this entire time and didn't even know it until just now.

5. You explore everything, side by side.

There is an overwhelming sense of adventure that sweeps over the both of you. This feeling that resonates inside you propels you both into doing things that you might not have ever saw yourself doing before.

This is one of the signs when you know you've found a love so pure that you both can do anything in the entire world and you'd still both have an undying love for one another. You'll probably go traveling together a lot, find new places that you've never seen before, meet new friends together, and everything in between. Your love fuels the ship and you both are the captains.

6. You operate better when you're together.

Another huge sign that you have found your true soulmate is when they leave for a long period of time and you find yourself not being able to do as well with things. For you, being away from them is almost like giving yourself the biggest distraction from everything else that's going on in your life.

It's not like you don't care about the things you're doing but that you would just be a lot better off if your soulmate came back to you. Their presence has a strong impact on the things you do because while you're doing all of those things, you're thinking of them. 

This is what true love looks like for soulmates.

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