The Secret To Kissing A Woman Better Than She's Ever Been Kissed Before

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When it comes to understanding why a woman falls in love with you, guys must understand the basics of how to kiss in a heartfelt and romantic way.

Using the right kissing techniques in the right spots can send shivering chills down her spine.

When kissing, you want to pay attention to her body language before attempting to move in for a kiss.

Remember that most women want to be mentally and emotionally connected as much as they want to be physically. This means it’s essential that before you think about how to kiss her, you begin by inviting her in while paying attention to her signs of consent.

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Here's the secret to kissing a woman better than she's ever been kissed before:

Be warned: These techniques are so powerful she's likely to fall in love.

1. Hold her hand.

Doing this brings in chemistry for both of you. She will want more and will get a little pitter-patter in her heart to alert her you are being romantic and affectionate.

2. Touch her back.

When you open the door for her, leaning over to see if she's having fun, or just casually opening the door for her a slight touch on her back for a couple of seconds will help her notice you are giving her attention.

3. Tell her that she’s beautiful.

You don't need to overdo it with compliments. But when the time is right, tell her she’s gorgeous.

4. Stare into her eyes and smile.

If you want to be a little daring, you can even bite your lip as you do this. (à la Prince Harry at his wedding to Meghan Markle).

Look her in the eye, place your hand gently behind her neck, and softly go in for this kiss. Allow yourself to take time and be gentle, possibly even following her lead. As you both lean in, close your eyes and kiss her gently. Make it last a little.



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5. Catch her attention.

Before you kiss a woman on the first date or after you've gotten to know her, you need the right atmosphere and, most importantly, consent.

Command and catch her attention and look into her eyes as you talk with her to make sure you connect with some eye contact.

6. Start slowly.

When you kiss a woman, make sure to go slowly at first and don't use the tongue right away. Take it slow and breezy, and kiss her with gentle and smooth kisses with some passion in there.

7. Don't bite, moan, or be aggressive with your kiss.

Just remember to be soft and tender and have a nice time with some passionate kissing.

When using your tongue, be in the moment and follow each other's lead. It's not about how wild your tongue can get but how sensual you can be.

When you know what to do leading up to and during the kiss, you create a magnetic love attraction.

8. Don't use your tongue.

For a first kiss, usually, the tongue is off the table. However, you can glide your tongue on her bottom lip to see if she opens her mouth more for a French kiss.

9. Play into body intimacy.

As you're kissing her, you should be moving your hands, caressing her face, touching her hair, and touching her body. A good kisser will kiss while using their hands to play into body intimacy.

Safe places to put your hands are on the side of her face, the back of her head or neck, and the middle or lower part of her back. You don't want to move your hands down any further. That would be too far for a first kiss.

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What do you do before you kiss a woman?

In general, before you kiss a woman, most importantly, make sure you have good breath! Make sure you aren't drunk or intoxicated when you kiss a woman for the first time. You don't want your mouth to taste like alcohol, and you don't want to have a cotton mouth.

Brush your teeth before going in for the kiss, or have some breath mints on hand. Next, you want some chapstick or lip balm because kissing chapped lips isn't the greatest.

Most importantly, you want to make sure she's interested in you. Get a good read of her emotions and how she speaks to you to know if she would want to kiss you. Make her know she is wanted.

Where do women like to be kissed?

Keep in mind that a long, sensual kiss doesn't necessarily need to be confined to kissing her on the mouth. There are other places where you can and should kiss a woman when the two of you are both comfortable with each other.

Kissing is a preference, just like sex. However, there are some things you can keep in mind and know how to kiss a woman well.



1. Kiss her on the neck.

This is a tender spot for many women, especially the back of her neck, so if you've already been affectionate with each other, try casually embracing her when she's in front of you and kissing her on her bottom lip.

Next, move her hair to the other shoulder and give her a soft, gentle peck on the back of her neck. Continue doing this, and she will be dying to turn around and lay a big kiss on you!

2. Kiss her ears.

Whisper sweet words lightly in her ear just before you start slowly kissing her.

Do not slobber on her ear — this is very crucial! You want to make sure you are being gentle, kissing the outside, and breathing lighting, which can be a big turn-on for many women.

3. Kiss her hands.

I call this tip the "V" move.

Take her hand, look her in the eyes, and picture kissing her in spots on her palm in the shape of the letter "V". The V has 3 points, so stop at each and kiss her there, then softly bring your lips to the next point of the V, and so on.

4. Kiss her collarbone.

Work your way across from her shoulder to her collarbone with gentle kisses. The collarbone isn't as sensitive as the neck, but since you're already there, this will allow you to get to the neck. Soft, subtle kisses are best here.

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