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About Apollonia Ponti

Apollonia Ponti is a Dating and Relationship Expert and Certified Coach. Apollonia works with men and women to get exactly what they want from their love life. Her success rate has been significant and plenty of these men & women are now in successful relationships due to her programs, products, and private coaching sessions. Get started on your journey with her today by clicking on this link to download 7 Free Videos To Master Your Love Life. 

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Men:  I will motivate you and open your eyes to what woman want and help you point out the opportunities that are right in front of you and how to take control of them. I will work with you on how to build & increase your confidence and what type of confidence women look for in a man. Guide you towards getting out of the friend zone and how to stay out of it forever. And ultimately how to attract a woman into your life right now and stand out from the other men out there. Lastly, you will know how the female mind operates, how women think, and how to form an emotional connection so she thinks about you constantly. 

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Women: Are you sick and tired of going on dates to only be unfulfilled and left thinking am I going to ever find the man of my dreams?  The answer is YES! Why? I've done it and help hundreds of clients manifest their dream relationship through my coaching programs. I will guide you on how to communicate with a man, how to stop attracting unavailable partners, how to set boundaries to prepare a man for a relationship, how to detect red flags, and ultimately how to be the type of confident woman men are attracted to.

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Apollonia Ponti Success Stories 

"I am profoundly grateful, humbled by the experience and honored to have connected with a pure soul, Apollonia.
Our first session we went over all the things that we would be working on. After our first session, I feel I released a lot of what was blocking me. My blockages were something I was aware of but Apollonia put a lot into perspective for me. She took me on this journey and visited parts of me that needed love and healing attention. This process taught me how to connect to my highest true self.
Thank you, Apollonia, for the love, guidance, tears, reflection and mutual understanding. Investing in your health and wellbeing is the greatest act of self-love." -Tania

"Apollonia, I followed your advice after 4 months of being in the friend-zone I asked her last night to be my girlfriend and she said YES! This was a step by step process that you walked me through and it was genius! I would have never been able to do this without you. I'm truly impressed with your work and you know exactly what you're doing! I couldn't be any happier." - Corey

"Hi, there I'm a huge fan/admirer of yours here in New Zealand your truly amazing and inspiring plus a wonderful role model too so thank you for everything you do. We need more wonderful people like you in this world. All the best always." - Grant 

" Apollonia, I just want to say a big THANK YOU. You have helped me identify the patterns I have been attracting in my life. I have now transformed from a woman not knowing what to do, what I wanted, being submissive to men, and not setting my boundaries, while compromising my values. Now today after your coaching sessions I am dating men of value and staying true to myself. I have never been this confident in my life! I have men wanting to be with me and basically begging for an opportunity and its because of you I thank. I am finally happy with the woman I am today and don't identify my past with my present. You are an amazing coach and you have a heart of gold. Thank you." - Hannah

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