5 "Imperfections" Men Find Totally Sexy

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I'm getting pretty sick and tired of a handful of neurotic, immature, arrogant little boys speaking for all men.

Listen: Women don't have to be completely hairless with 0% body fat and guys who think so are not "normal": They're fetishistic.

Women are goddesses no matter what they look like. Feminity is hot, but it's not all about looks. I love the way women smell, with their perfume that smells like vanilla or a meadow on a summer day. And don't even get me started on their smiles. 

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Despite all of these "scientific" studies that keep popping up and suggesting that "symmetry" or "harmony" is universally attractive, men continue to sleep with, date, and marry "unconventionally attractive" women every day of the week.

In fact, it's often a woman's "imperfections" (yeah, I get a little "quote-happy" when I'm riled up. So what?) that make her attractive.

Who wants to be with someone who has to get up at 6 am every day to look utterly perfect, when that's impossible anyway.

I want a face that I can look at when I roll over in bed and love no matter what, flaws and all. 

Here are 5 "imperfections" men find totally sexy:

1. Hook nose

Your profile is regal and gorgeous, like an Egyptian goddess, and... can I just kind of, like, bite your nose for a second?

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2. Soft tummy

If you're a woman and you've ever had sex with a man, you may have noticed that we sometimes get a little grabby with your soft, round parts. A soft tummy is a total bonus in this regard. I want to grab something when I'm snuggling you at night, and a soft tummy is a perfect thing.

3. Small breasts

I'm not saying men don't like big breasts (no point in denying that) but, also we like just... like... breasts. Small breasts are awesome because they look really nice under a deep V-neck and, if it's not too cold out, you don't necessarily have to wear a bra. Boobs are boobs, no matter the size.

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4. Looking unkept

I certainly appreciate a woman who's got her hair and nails done, but when I find myself in the company of a woman with messed-up hair, no makeup, and big baggy sweatpants I forget how to act.

5. Gap teeth

For the love of god, don't let an orthodontist go near that. There is nothing sexier than a coy, gap-toothed smile. Show me your pearly whites baby.

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Scott Alden is a writer who focuses on love and relationships.