If Your Guy Does This One Tiny Thing, He's 100% In It For The Long Haul

How to know he's fully committed to you.

Last updated on Apr 04, 2024

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After months of dating, you're finally official. You have a boyfriend and you're in love. Colors are brighter, food tastes better, and love songs were written about you. Congrats! You've gotten through the easy part. On paper he's committed to you right now, but how do you truly know if he's committed to a future with you? Men and women go into commitment differently. Women feel. Men choose. 

Before feeling love, women won't enter a commitment if they feel like it won't last. If they've already fallen in love with a man, then they don't have much of a choice. They feel like they need to be with him — even if they know it's not the right thing. It's why so many women stay in unhealthy relationships, and why love isn't enough to make two people right for each other.


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Men can choose to love quickly. They don't see the end goal the way women do, they're just having fun and staying in the moment. They can choose to commit to having fun and enter a relationship knowing that there's an end date. Since it's a choice, they can choose to change their mind, whether it's to a longer commitment or to end things, and if they end it they usually don't care how it affects you.



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How do you know if he's committed to your future? How do you know if he's chosen you as the one? When a man chooses you as the one, he will take responsibility for you. He will want to take care of you and support you. The decisions he makes for his career and life will now be centered around that responsibility and your future together. He might turn down a job relocation because he doesn't want to uproot you from your life, or maybe he'll work his schedule around so he can spend your birthday with you.

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Is he suddenly more stressed about money, even though his circumstances have not changed? Is he looking to change jobs or his career? Is he spending more time working? Is he texting you less but spending more time with you in person? While most women would take these as negative signs, they're positive ones. He feels responsible and he's taking action to live up to the expectations he's created for himself in regards to taking care of you and your future family. If a man has taken responsibility for you, then that's when you know he's truly committed, and make sure to hold onto him tight.

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