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About R. Yosef

I’m a dating/relationship coach and blogger. Trained as an Integrative NLP Practitioner® and in Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy (MER), I understand the mind and the patterns that keep us from finding and keeping love. As a dating expert I have logged hundreds of hours of personal and professional experience in the dating battlefield.

I help my clients resolve their emotional issues and negative dating behaviors of their past and present, not only through their thoughts but through their actions. My work revolves around giving you a refreshing yet direct point of view to consider in your love life, which in turn opens the door to a brighter and more confident future that gets you the love you deserve.

Through my research, I have developed a program helping both men and women shed the patterns and habits they have built in their dating lives. We don’t realize that those patterns we do naturally, that are built from early on in our lives, are sabotaging our potential relationships. More often then not, we are the problem.


  • The Love Life TBD program will get you over your past and to a place where you can forgive and accept  love into your life.
  • The Love Life TBD  program will walk you through dating with a purpose so that you stop wasting time with partner’s who are not suitable to your needs.
  • The Love Life TBD program will  teach you how to communicate more effectively with your potential or existing partner.
  • The Love Life TBD program will allow you to notice unhealthy patterns and habits in your dating life, so that you can stop sabotaging your relationships.
  • The Love Life TBD program will help you create new healthy habits and ways of being so that you can attract and keep desirable partners.

and so much more…

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