9 Small-But-Meaningful Signs That Indicate A Man Is Truly Committed To You

He's telling you, even if he's not using words.

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How can you tell whether your partner is really dedicated to the relationship if they aren't showing it via their words? Why expend your energy and focus on someone who isn't really invested in the relationship you two share?

Fortunately, you can tell if your partner is committed even if they aren't saying it directly. A person who is really committed to you sees a future with you and expresses it in their words. But often, their actions will show that they mean business.


Experts agree that even if your partner doesn't express their devotion to you explicitly, there are still ways you can tell if they are committed.

Here are 9 small but meaningful signs a man is truly committed to you.

1. You've become an integral part of their family.

Those who want to know whether their significant other is really invested in the relationship should look for signs of enduring commitment. Give some thought to the manner in which your partner has introduced you to their world.



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Your partner's dedication to include you in their life will be evident. It may look like asking you to holiday gatherings with their friends and family, or to dinner with their immediate family. Either way, they make a point of including you in all plans with loved ones, and want you to become a new member of the family.

2. You can count on him to work with you to solve any issues.

Some people aren't in it for the long haul if they leave in the middle of an argument, or bring up the possibility of breaking up with you while you're going through a tough period. Your relationship's maturity may be gauged by how you two deal with arguments.

Someone who wants to fix problems in a way that prevents them from happening again is long-term thinking. If your significant other is willing to work through disagreements in a manner that prevents the problem from recurring, they are likely to be long-term focused.

3. He's completely at ease with you and is able to express himself openly.

When your partner is fully invested in the relationship, there's a profound feeling of security. They feel safe sharing personal details about their struggles and triumphs with you.


They feel comfortable sharing the highs and lows of their days, and they know they won't be judged if they break down emotionally after a particularly tough day. They know how deeply you care about their well-being, and all the emotional support that's offered.

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This makes it easy to express yourself without ever holding back or going against your authentic self.


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4. He makes an honest attempt to meet and get to know the people you care about.

If they're serious about being with you, they'll make an effort to be a part of your life, and that means getting along with the people you love.

They won't see visiting with you and your loved ones as an obligation or something they "had to" do. They're going to be incredibly excited about it! And the people that matter to you the most will always have your partner's full focus and attention while in your company.

5. He's always game to try anything new when you invite him along.

Initiating untried pursuits calls for bravery. Nothing ever goes exactly as planned, and no one likes to seem incompetent.


Your partner's dedication to the relationship will be seen in whether or not they are willing to attempt anything new with you. Even if it's not something they have interest in, they will give it a shot because it's something you want to do, and because it will bring you both closer.

6. He values what you have to say.

The ability to express oneself vocally is equally as important as the ability to listen attentively.

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It's encouraging when the person you're talking to makes eye contact with you, listens patiently without interrupting, and remembers what you told them. It's also a big sign a man is committed to you when he values your opinion.

If he's asking you for advice on what to do about a certain situation at work, or even what to wear to an event, he's invested in you.

7. He maintains an open line of communication, no matter what.

The importance of punctuality and reliability is not limited to agreed upon times and dates. If one person is really committed to the relationship, they will be there through all of the "in-betweens" and will be self-aware enough to check in at different times during the week.

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They want to hear about your life in its whole, triumphs and all, as well as your struggles and the mysteries it still holds. Why? Because they are intending to spend their life with you.



8. He's not scared to have unpopular but necessary conversations.

True intimacy requires both parties to be open to being vulnerable. If your partner has let down their guard and enabled you to get closer to them, this is a good sign that they are serious about you.

They are aware of and able to manage their feelings, and they are open about sharing their own emotions. Someone that is 100% committed to the relationship is willing to have delicate and perhaps challenging conversations.


Personal pet peeves, preferences, boundaries, and future goals are all fair game for these kinds of talks.

9. You're number one on his priority list.

You can tell if your partner is dedicated to the relationship if they choose spending time with you above spending time with their friends.

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Not only do these gestures show how much they value you, but they also show that you are the first person they think of when they want to share something special.

They may need time apart to think about how they actually feel about the relationship and about you. On the other hand, if you and your partner already have similar experiences, it may give you confidence that they are truly invested in the relationship.

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Sidhharrth Kumaar is an astro-numerologist and Founder of NumroVani. He couples his knowledge of modern sciences to solve real-world problems in the areas of mental well-being and relationship growth.