How To Tell A Girl She's Beautiful (Without Making Her Uncomfortable)

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Women love to be told they are beautiful — as long as it's done with finesse and sincerity.

When you care about someone so much, you want to make sure the person you care about knows how much you love, appreciate, like, and care for them.

I know personally just being told I'm beautiful makes me self-conscious and shy. But, if my significant other tells me that my beautiful smile just lights up the room every time I walk in, I melt.

Or if someone tells me that my passion or something about my personality is beautiful, it means more because it actually shows that they are paying attention instead of just what is on the surface.

And most women do not want to be seen as just an object to be objectified by beauty so when our significant other shows effort to compliment us, it really makes us feel good.

Compliments are easy to give out, but to say something that means a lot takes a little bit more work.

So, the million-dollar question is how do you tell a girl she's beautiful without being all creepy and weird?

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Well, here are some tips to think about when you think of how to tell your partner how beautiful she is and the steps to go about making it the perfect moment for you both as a couple.

How to tell a girl she's beautiful

1. Get specific about her most attractive traits.

Instead of just saying, "Your'e hot," think of what it is you like about her most, like her passion, or something that is specifically unique to her physical appearance, like a cute cluster of freckles.

Maybe her eyes are especially bright today because of how cheerful she always is.

2. Make her feel valued by making your compliments impactful.

Perhaps you love that she cares about giving back to the community, or that she's passionate about the work she does because it involves a charitable cause. Maybe you've noticed she's an incredible mom.

By noticing and commenting on these attributes, you make her feel like you really see her inner beauty.

3. Use your body language and facial expressions.

Actions speak louder than words, so show her how beautiful you think she is through your facial expressions, mannerisms, and your body language.

4. Accompany your compliment with an action.

Whether you want to write a letter or bring her flowers, she will appreciate you putting in a little more effort to make her feel special. Think of giving her a flower or doing a thoughtful gesture.

Women appreciate when you shower them with love and whoever said chivalry is dead is, well, dead wrong.

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5. Try using a thesaurus to use another word for "beautiful."

Try working words like radiant, elegant, dazzling, breathtaking, and riveting into your compliment.

6. Pick the right time to give her a compliment.

It will mean more to her if you tell her of your beauty when she least expects it, like after a long night with the baby, or when she just wakes up.

It's more meaningful and sincere than when she is dressed up and looks her best.

7. Don't forget to show confidence when you compliment her.

You have to really put yourself out there when you tell a woman she is beautiful. It's OK to be nervous but don't let that keep you from saying what you want to say. Give it to her 100 percent.

8. When you tell her, be your authentic self.

Your words should be a reflection of how you would describe her — not something out of a card aisle in the grocery store.

Don't try to act like or be someone you aren't. She will see right through it and not only will she find your words unconvincing, but everything else about you, too.

9. Make a meaningful connection with her.

This way, she knows you do feel that she is as beautiful as you say she does.

Not only are your words sincere, but she will know your intentions are, as well.



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You don't have to wait until you see her in person to tell her she's beautiful. Throughout the week, you can let her know by text.

How to tell a girl she's beautiful over text: 10 examples

1. "Still thinking about how gorgeous you looked last night in that killer dress."

2. "Whenever I can make you laugh, it's the highlight of my day."

3. "You always know exactly what to say and how to say it."

4. "Whenever you walk in a room, it feels like everything in the world just stops."

5. "I could seriously listen to you talk about [insert subject here — for example, her favorite music] forever. I love how passionate you are about it."

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6. "I can't stop thinking about how stunning you looked at dinner with your hair up and that necklace bringing out the blue in your eyes."

7. "I really feel like you make me a better person and I'm so thankful for you."

8. "You know, it's crazy how breathtaking you are, and yet your mind is more mesmerizing, which is almost impossible."

9. "You are the most fascinating mix of cute, sweet, glowingly gorgeous, and just a little dangerous."

10. "I could talk to you for hours and not know it. You're unlike anyone I've ever met."

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