How To Be Irresistible To A High-Quality Woman

You have to value her, and show her that.

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A high-quality woman has many suitors. Why? Because a modern woman stands out from other women who you might be used to.  She does not whine, emasculate, and manipulate you into getting her way. Nor does she does she complain about everything. A high-quality woman loves herself and is full of life. She is passionate about making a difference in the world and positively looks at life. She is motivated by joy and brings happiness to the people around her. She believes in men and with the right man, she will bring out the best in you. Plus, she is open to the adventure of being in a relationship in more ways than one.


You can spot this woman because of her radiant and confident body language. She can light up a room. Yes, people are drawn to her positive and magnetic energy. You see how amazing this woman is, and you are inspired by her. You want to be a better man because her energy is magnetic. She is selective about the partner that she will choose because she wants something that is high quality. The man she is looking for is successful, sensitive, and strong. She will not settle.  

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Here's how to be irresistible to a high-quality woman:

1. Provide vulnerability

A big complaint that I often hear from women is that men rarely share their feelings. He goes into his cave. He closes off. In these situations, I teach women how to give men their space. Relationships do go both ways. Hint: A woman can trust you even more when you can share your feelings. She will be able to trust you and “connect” to you on a deeper level. 


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2. A woman’s heart and her feelings are the center of her universe

Current research has shown that women have a larger and deeper limbic region of the brain. The limbic region of the brain is in charge of feelings and connection to others. The way to turn on a woman is through her heart and emotions as opposed to visual stimulation.  Being vulnerable makes a woman feel safe and connected to you more than you realize.

3. Learn from your past relationships

A modern woman and high-quality woman is self-aware. She has learned from her past relationships, so she can be a better woman.  She doesn’t hold onto the past. She knows how to forgive and let go. She knows that holding onto the past doesn’t make room for the new.  When you can embrace this wisdom, and learn from your past relationships, then a modern woman knows that you are not bringing baggage from the past to this new growing relationship. You will stand out from other men!!

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4. She is a flower

If you are dating a woman that you think can be that one special girl, don’t rush into sleeping with her. She doesn’t want to be treated like a piece of meat. She wants to be cherished, valued, and treated like a rare and unique flower. The more you water her gently with love, attention, and intention — showing her that she is that one special girl — she can and will blossom and open up more fully to you. I once dated a man that wanted to be intimate right away. 

Because that was on his mind the entire time, this was a turn-off. A man who shows that he can wait for a woman when she is ready is a huge turn-on! This type of man is a keeper. This also tells me he is open to the adventure. If you get a woman to trust you before intimacy, then she can open up in ways that you have never experienced before! If she is fully open to you mentally and emotionally, she will open up to you physically. Here’s a little secret: Our “biggest” intimacy organ is our heart. That said, connect to a woman’s heart and you’ll physically increase hers and your intimate experience.


I just gave you amazing insight to be irresistible to a modern and high-quality woman, so she chooses YOU!!  Are ready for an amazing, beautiful, and confident woman who believes in you and supports you? She will champion you to your greatness and be a true partner. 

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Antoinette Yarrow is a women’s health, clinical herbalist, intimacy empowerment, and fertility guide. She sees where a person might be unbalanced by assessing where the person might be excessive or deficient with the diagnostic techniques she has learned.