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Author, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach



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When a man knows how to be open, sensitive and caring to a woman's needs, yet be in his healthy masculinity, then he truly has the irresistible qualities the modern woman craves!  

About Antoinette Cabral

I am a Dating Expert for Men. I have traveled around the world and lived a life of adventure, passion, pleasure and personal development.  Before I worked with men, I coached women on how to embrace confidence, magnetism, and how to attractive to the opposite sex.  I know what women want, need and desire.

I found that the modern man doesn't have the tools to be with the modern and Drama-Free Woman.  I have taken my information that I learned and have created a powerful and proven 7 Step System that will help you find the Drama-Free Woman of your dreams.

IMAGINE waking up next to a beautiful and amazing woman who is your true partner, believes in you and supports you!  You want to do great things in life and make the world a better place together. 

With my expert coaching and guidance, you will learn:

  •     Why the “game” doesn’t work on a high quality woman and what to do instead.
  •     What the high quality modern woman DEEPLY CRAVES from a man.
  •     Learn the specific qualities in a man that captivate a high quality woman’s    attention, and it’s not about how much money you make or how hot you are.
  •     How to stand out from other men and become irresistible, so she chooses YOU!
  •     Stop attracting the drama queens, and find the Drama-Free Woman of your dreams.
  •     Learn the magical formula to light her sensual fire, and it’s MUCH DIFFERENT than what you think.

Receive a complimentary Get Your Special Girl Session.  I will take a look at your own unique dating and love situation and see your own personal blindspots.  This way I can see where you may need support.

You can also sign up for my FREE VIDEO SERIES and receive expert dating and love tips.

Have a beautiful day!

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Antoinette Cabral

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