The Trait Men Want In Any Woman They Choose To Marry

It's not a matter of physical attraction, either.

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You may be incredibly attractive to men and they may remember you fondly after a date or two. However, this is not enough to make a man want to spend his life with you and eventually marry you. In fact, it has little, if nothing, to do with it.

There's one specific reason men marry women, and it's not usually related to her physical appearance. In actuality, it's how she affects him in the long run.


The trait men want in a woman they choose to marry is quite simple.

Men marry women who can make them better men!

It starts out when men notice that their car is cleaner, their house is tidier, and they feel an overall sense of accomplishment. But then, it goes much deeper than that.

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A noble quality comes over them and they want to take care of this woman.

He wants to know where she is, what she thinks, and how best he can make her feel good about herself. He wants to be with her through the good times and bad, as long as they are both happy.

He cares about the condition of her car and wants to ensure she has enough gas. He cares that she's eating enough when she's stressed at work. He cares about her feeling and looking her best.

For men, they know this is the woman they choose to marry because the little things they never thought about start to become important.




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They care about how she feels, not just how she looks. They care deeply that she not only works to make herself better, but himself as well.

As a woman, you may be thinking, "That sounds great! How do I make it happen?" But the truth is that there's nothing you can do to make it happen.


However, you can allow it to happen.

The first and most important thing is that a man loves a woman who loves him, but not more than she loves herself. Some people call it confidence, but it's much more than that.

Confidence is what she can do; self-love is who she is. Because, after all, when she doesn't love herself, it's a sign that people can take advantage of that weakness.

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The second key, which builds on the first, is allowing love to happen. That means she feels comfortable and worthy of being cared for — not for what she does, but for who she truly is inside.

Allowing love means when he checks on her car, she lets him. When he wants to get her gas, she lets him, rather than saying she can get it herself.

She may be confident and independent, but she has no problem allowing him to do things for her. Because, in the end, she is becoming a better person, too.




For a man to become a better man, partner, and person, he needs the space and the opportunity to do so. In short, a man marries a woman who he believes makes life better — and even better, she allows it to happen.

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James Allen Hanrahan is a dating and relationship coach for women based in Los Angeles. He's also the author of "A Life of Love" and "Dating Advice for Alpha Women."