The 15 Types Of Kisses Men Love Most

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Ah, kissing! Who doesn't love to kiss (as long as they actually know how to kiss)? The feel of someone else's lips on your mouth, your neck, your ear... there's no other feeling like it.

A kiss can be dirty, interrogative, or chaste; it can be placed anywhere on your body; it can last for less than a second or several hundred seconds. Learning how to kiss a man is a universal act of love — almost everyone does it at some point.

Everybody knows a kiss can make a man go wild. But have you ever wondered about the types of kisses guys like most?

Well, look no further because we are here to provide you with kissing techniques that guys love. Because a kiss can drive a man wild. It shows him your level of comfort with him, your adoration, as well as your affection. And in a relationship, a good kiss is even more intimate than sex.

So, no more sitting at home, twiddling your thumbs, wondering how guys feel after a kissing a girl. Everybody loves kissing someone they like, but it always makes someone feel interested in you if you have a few tricks up your sleeves.

You can typically tell what a guy is thinking when he kisses you if you pay attention to his body language. Is he leaning in? Is he mirroring your movements? Is he smiling when he looks at you? Does he focus his attention to your mouth? These are all indications he wants to smooch!

There are so many types of kisses to choose from, and depending on what stage of the relationship you're in, it will dictate which one you both feel comfortable with. But guys like it when you're not afraid to make moves.

In fact, men love all kinds of kisses beyond those just with closed mouths — they like to be kissed on the lips, neck, cheeks, ears, chest, all of which are incredibly sexy.

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What types of kisses do men like best? Do they want a sloppy kiss, a wet kiss? A quick peck on the cheek? What about a full-on makeout session? We polled our male acquaintances and found out the 15 types of kissing they like best.

Here are 15 types of kisses that guys like best.

1. The Lip-Sucking Kiss

This kind of kiss usually occurs during a makeout session.

How to: Gently tug your partner's upper or lower lip with your lips. Then, gently suck on their bottom lip.

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2. The Mid-Kiss

The mid-kiss is just what it sounds like: you're making love and kissing at the same time.

How to: Simply kiss your romantic partner in the middle of making love. Not only will it make things more passionate, but you'll feel more connected.

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3. The Simple Kiss

The simple kiss is nothing fancy and involves no tongue whatsoever. In fact, this is probably the best type of kiss for a first kiss!

How to: Just give a quick peck on your partner's lips or cheeks, lightly pressing your lips on theirs for a second or two.

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4. The Tongue Kiss

The tongue kiss is the classic French kiss.

How to: Slip your tongue inside the other person's mouth and swish it around gently. Your partner should do the same. Make sure you refrain from passing too much spit or things can get sloppy pretty quickly!

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5. Classic Kiss

The classic kiss is arguably one of the most romantic types of kisses, but also the most difficult to coordinate. You'd probably drive yourself insane trying to figure out how to plan this one. It's more spur of the moment — like kissing in the rain or right before a plane takes off.

How to: Passionately embrace your partner like they do in the movies. You can even run towards each other from a far distance and then jump into their arms before you plant your kisser on theirs. You know, for dramatic effect.

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6. Playful Kiss

A playful kiss is when you take your partner by surprise — in a way that is romantic and funny at the same time. It usually happens after you crack a big joke or sarcastically pretend to be melodramatic.

How to: Say something snarky or mock them jokingly. And then, while you're both smiling and laughing, plant a quick kiss on them.

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7. Pressure-Level Kiss

This kiss is the one that's so long, so passionate and drawn out that it lowers your partner's blood pressure and soothes any potential headaches. Assume that the longer you kiss, the better you'll feel. It's the kind of kiss that will make your boyfriend go crazy.

How to: Plant your lips on theirs and grab the back of their head. If your kiss doesn't exceed 10 slow seconds, it isn't pressure-level!

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8. Kisses That Use Objects

And by objects, we mean vibrators and sex toys, but this can also include food. This one is really up to your interpretation, but just an easy way to spice up your sex life and kiss better.

How to: Use your preferred object on any part of their body, and then kiss them while using said object.

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9. Stomach Kiss

Guys like to kiss your stomach because it's incredibly sensual, and really shows that your partner feels close to you, especially since the stomach is such a vulnerable part of the body.

How to: Plant a quick smooch on their stomach... or two or three... or fifteen.

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10. Neck Kiss

Have you ever wondered what to do when a guy is kissing your neck? If you're into it, just let him know. And if you ever feel like you need to shake things up, this is the perfect kiss to get your message across.

How to: Kiss his neck softly and tenderly. Have him do the same to your neck, breathing in your scent as he does so. If you want, you can give him neck kisses in between kissing him on the lips.

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11. Bite Kiss

Did somebody say Edward Cullen? A bite kiss is a great way to make your makeout sessions more fun.

How to: This one is similar to a lip-sucking kiss, but instead of sucking, you're biting. Gently bite your partner's bottom lip instead of kissing it. But remember not to bite too hard — it's supposed to be fun, not bloody!

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12. Forehead Kisses

Another straightforward kiss, this is one of the sweetest kisses. It's a lovely form of expression and lets your partner know how tenderly you love them.

How to: Instead of kissing your partner's lips, kiss them on the forehead. This is usually done with a closed mouth and no tongue.

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13. Single-Lip Kiss

A single-lip kiss is like the peck’s second cousin. But it’s softer, tender, and more intimate than a peck.

How to: If you’re giving someone a single-lip kiss, kiss one lip at a time. Put one of their lips between yours and gently tug on it.

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14. Nose Kiss

Also known as nose rubs or eskimo kisses, this is the act of rubbing the tip of your nose against the tip of someone else's. It's a form of affection. Most people agree that the term "eskimo kiss" is offensive, so use the term "nose kiss" or "kunik" instead.

How to: Rub your noses together lightly, being sure not to use too much pressure.

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15. Kiss on the Cheek

Last, but certainly not least, is the kiss on the cheek. This one extends beyond your romantic partner or crush. You can give a kiss on the cheek to relatives, friends, or new people you meet as a way to say hello.

How to: Plant your lips on someone's cheek. You can even opt to kiss both cheeks.

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How to Best Kiss Your Man

Have you ever kissed someone with your eyes open, or have you ever opened your eyes for a second and noticed that the person kissing you never had them shut? It's kind of jarring, right? It's crucial to close your eyes during a kiss, especially a passionate makeout.

In addition, don't forget to brush your teeth or pop a mint into your mouth. If you're going on a fancy dinner date to an Italian restaurant, be sure to keep mints or travel-size mouthwash handy, because the better you smell, the better chance you have of being kissed.

Above all, remember to communicate with your partner. That's the most important step to having a good kiss. You'll learn about your partner's kiss style and preferences this way, and they'll be able to learn about yours.

And, who knows, maybe you'll end up being so compatible that the kisses will evolve from there.

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