10 Signs He Wants To Kiss You — Right. This. Second.

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Kissing is the perfect way to end a date, but would you recognize the signs a guy wants to kiss you?

You're probably asking yourself, does he want to kiss me? Well, the truth is that guys aren't always obvious about it, especially if they're shy.

It's a little awkward to assume he does or doesn't want a kiss. And it is likely your beau isn't going to be upfront or ask if he can give you a smooch before he departs for the evening. Dating would be so much easier to manage if you could tell if he wants a kiss or not!

Some men are difficult to read them, because, to these guys, kissing usually means they care about you, or at least like you a lot.

How do you know if he wants to kiss you?

He probably won't come out and ask you, so you need to look for the signs he throws your way. He may linger, or enter your personal space to get as close to you as possible. He might pay close attention to your lips while you speak, or even initiate physical.

Fortunately for you, there are several signs a guy wants to kiss you, and many of them are shown by his body language. It's hard to know exactly what to look out for, but there are a few sure ways to tell he's looking to give you a kiss.

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10 Signs He Wants to Kiss You... Bad

1. He's getting quiet.

You can't kiss if your mouths are busy talking.

Do you notice him getting quieter? He might be working up the nerve to kiss you, creating lulls in conversation to set a sexier, relaxed vibe. He may want to find the right moment in the lulls to kiss you!

Resist the urge to fill the silence with chit-chat, and stop talking. The next time he gets quiet for a few seconds, just flash him a sexy smile instead.

2. He's fidgeting.

If he's losing his cool, tripping over his words and his feet, you can safely assume you've gotten under his skin in a good way.

Watch his body language. Watch his hands: if he's fidgeting with his drink, playing with his watch, or pulling his hands in and out of his pockets, he's on edge... in anticipation.

Shy guys will often get nervous around you so watch for this. It could be your moment to kiss him, or you could try to make him feel comfortable so he is more confident for the kiss.

3. He's doing mouth maintenance.

Is he breaking out the Chapstick?

He licks his lips. He bites his lips. He's sucking down Altoids. Guess what? He's probably primping for a smooch.

Take notice: is he popping a breath mint post-dinner? It might just be a force of habit. But if he's getting minty fresh while walking you home, or between drinks at the bar, he may be hoping to get closer.

If he offers you a stick of gum or a breath mint, don't be offended. He's probably just testing the waters and (consciously or not) telling you that he wants to lay one on you, badly.

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4. He's getting touchy-feely.

An arm on your shoulder, touching your hand, bumping knees, touching your arms — all are indicators he wants to be close to you. If he moves the hair from your face, or puts his hand on the small of your back as he walks behind you, he's getting ready to move in for a kiss.

If he can't keep his hands off you, his lips aren't far behind, and his body language can give you all the hints.

5. He notices your lips.

Don't get annoyed if you catch his gaze drifting away from your eyes when you're talking. As long as he stares at your lips, it's a good indication he might want to seal the night with a kiss.

If he seems mesmerized by your pout, he probably is. Another sure sign he's dying to lean in for a kiss is he compliments your lips.

6. He's bridging the gap.

Going in for a kiss is extra scary from five feet away. If he's inching closer and closer to you throughout the night, he may be getting ready to go in for the lip smacking action and is testing the waters by amping up the tension.

Your body language is important here: if you want him to go for it, stand firm and don't back away as he gets closer. Make it easy on the guy!

7. He notices your perfume.

Leaning in and telling you you smell great? He is not paying a compliment to Calvin Klein. In fact, he may be guessing that you're wearing perfume.

Complimenting your fragrance gives him an excuse to get up close and personal while testing your comfort level entering your personal space with a little intimate flattery.

8. He gazes at you.

Body language is a good cue when it comes to reading someone, but what about someone's eyes? We've talked about staring at your lips or glancing down at your lips, but what if he's staring into your eyes?

There's a difference between looking at you with respect and gazing at you with love. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so it's a big deal when a guys is gazing into them.

Maintaining eye contact can really heat things up between you, and it may lead to leaning in because you're mesmerized. You may be kissing before you know it.

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9. He softens his voice.

Psychologists have pointed out that softening one's voice is an instinct we make when we want to kiss somebody. Apparently, soft voices are correlated to intimacy, proximity, and passion.

Pay attention to his tone of voice as you're hanging out. If a guy starts speaking softly to you, prepare yourself for an incoming kiss.

10. He delays his departure.

If he's lingering on your doorstep and not wanting to leave, he's got it bad and wants to kiss you. He might be trying to work up the courage to kiss you before he leaves, or he's trying to figure out the perfect moment or best way to go about it.

Whatever he's thinking, if he's stalling to leave, he's trying to kiss you.

What do you say when a guy says he wants to kiss you?

If you want to kiss him, go for it! Initiate the kiss after he asks you if it is OK to kiss you; it may throw him off, but it might also turn him on.

You could also ask him what sort of kiss he's thinking of if you aren't sure and want more information. Alternatively, you can ask him why he wants to kiss you. His response may make you throw all caution to the wind and lean in. Or, you can be coy and say something like, "I only kiss guys I really like."

Either way, if you don't want him to kiss you, say a solid "no" and stand firm.

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