If A Guy Has These 21 Tiny Habits, Marry Him

You can know for sure that he's a keeper.

21 Tiny Habits Men Have That Make Women Want To Marry Them Oneinchpunch / Shutterstock

Not sure if the guy you're with is the man you should have as your husband or life-long partner? Fortunately, his behaviors and habits can indicate if he's the man you should spend your life with.

If the man you're dating does these specific things regularly, even if he only does some of them, he might be serious marriage material. Lock that man down, stat!

Here are 21 tiny habits men have that make women want to marry them.

1. He knows your breakfast order by heart

Whether it's a toasted whole wheat sesame bagel with scrambled eggs and cheese and freshly squeezed orange juice, or just black coffee, he knows what you want, especially early in the morning.


When he's not cooking for you, he'll run out to pick it up or take you with him and recite your order by heart. It shows that he pays attention to the details of what you like.

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2. He checks in on his way home

With a quick text, "Leaving the bar in 10 minutes. See you soon," he lets you know that he hasn't forgotten you, and that he's ready to be with his favorite person again.

He's not sending this text because he thinks you're paranoid, needy or insecure. He sends it out of mutual respect. He knows that giving you a heads-up prevents you from worrying about his safety or his level of sobriety. And it reminds you that he realizes the best part of his night has yet to begin.


It's also keeping you in the loop so you can cue up the movie you've been waiting to watch together.



3. He takes care of you

He'll grab you an Advil and a glass of water if you have a headache. He'll hit the pharmacy for some tissues and cough meds, and pick up chicken noodle soup when you have a bad head cold. He'll force you to take zinc lozenges and nudge you to see a doctor when you claim to be too busy to make an appointment.

The point is that he takes good care of you because he wants to not because he has to — not only when you're sick, but every single day.


4. He calls during the day just to check in

He may have a funny story to share or he might simply want to see how work is going. He'll often try to convince you to shut down early so you can spend time together.

Even if it's a phone call that lasts just a few moments, he goes out of his way to make sure you're doing okay.

5. He's great with kids

In fact, you're pretty sure he could run a sports camp of some type. Kids flock to him and are eager to spend time with him. He's a great role model. His upbeat personality and enthusiasm are infectious.

There are huge grins on childrens' little faces when he's around. And on yours, too.

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6. He makes time for you

No matter how busy things get for him, he'll never forget to set aside consistent alone time with you. You're a priority to him, so he's not afraid to turn down plans with "the guys" in favor of some quality time with his lady.

This tiny habit is anything but small, however, as it proves he sees you as a big part of his life that he doesn't want to ignore.

habits men have that make women want to marry themPhoto: cottonbro studio / Pexels


7. He's responsive to each and every one of your calls and texts

He'll never go missing for multiple days in a row. He's reliable. He won't stand you up when you have plans. He doesn't ask for rain checks because excuses are not part of his DNA.

He's not one to be consistently late because he cares enough to be on time.

8. He doesn't keep in touch with ex-girlfriends

He knows that once a relationship is over, there is no good that can come from staying in close contact, particularly once he's in a new relationship.

There are no strange phone numbers popping up on his cell phone. Not that you know this, because you don't even feel the need to cyber-snoop. You trust him that much.


9. He randomly buys you scratch lotto cards

He loves handing you a coin and watching you uncover the numbers on the card. You'll plan together what you'd do with the money if you should win.

He's a dreamer. And you love dreaming with him.

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10. On certain occasions, you receive heartfelt gifts accompanied by thoughtful greeting cards

You're into birthdays and anniversaries, so he's happy to celebrate them with you. If he knows you're into writing, he'll get you a beautiful journal or set of pens to keep you inspired.

He inserts his humor into presents, too. For instance, if he sings you your favorite song, he'll change the words to lyrics so they're about that annoying co-worker you've been telling him about.


habits men have that make women want to marry themPhoto: Viktoria Slowikowska / Pexels

11. He'd rather spend the night at home with you

Instead of getting dressed up and spending a lot of money on a big night out, he's ecstatic to stay in and curl up on the couch with you to watch a movie and order takeout.

His back-to-back partying nights are behind him, and he's perfectly okay with being a homebody. As long as it's with you.


12. He still screams like a little boy when his favorite football team scores a touchdown

He will be loyal to his team no matter how many times they lose, how many quarterbacks they go through in one season, or how far down the rankings they fall.

This loyalty will be passed down to his relationships with family, friends, and even his future spouse. Once devoted, he's in it for life.

13. He's still regularly in touch with several of his childhood friends

Each considers your guy his best friend and enjoys reminiscing with him (and you) about their memories together. He makes the time to call them back to find out what's going on with them and will find a way to connect with them despite living in different cities and time zones.

It just shows that despite time and distance, he makes an effort. And that carries into your relationship with him.


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14. He's polite to service industry workers

He over-tips wait staff at restaurants on a regular basis and is kind to people working in the service industry. Even if he has no experience working in the industry, he makes it a point to be a good customer.

You know that if he cares enough to treat total strangers with respect, he'd do that times 10 for you, and everyone else he loves.



15. He's mature

He's not one to get swept up in the crowd's momentum without making his own decisions. He has a mind of his own, and is more than capable of making choices based on logic and his needs.


If several of his friends are doing whiskey shots until 4 a.m., he's the one making sure the tab is paid and that everyone gets home safely.

16. He's incredibly handsome without trying

He's low-maintenance and dresses for comfort. The more you've gotten to know him, the better looking he's become. You see past any physical flaws he has and have come to love and adore him as he is.

He couldn't care less what brand your jeans are or how high your heels are. He finds you beautiful in everything.


17. He says at least one thing every day that makes you crack up

It's not always intentional — sometimes, it's just his outlook on things. Though, he definitely gets your sense of humor and loves to make you laugh.

habits men have that make women want to marry themPhoto: Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

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18. He knows how to handle you when you're in a bad mood

He lets you rant for 10 minutes straight while you go on about the incredibly selfish friend you have, or a bad day at work, and does his part to calm you down.

Whether that means making you food, taking you on a walk, or giving you a back massage, he knows better than to start pressing buttons when you're in this state. But he'll always take your side, even if you're wrong.

19. He's secure enough to love your strengths

He supports and encourages your independence, which is what he loves about you. He respects your need to keep up your own friendships but is also happy to join you when invited.

20. He smells really good

When you hug him, you just want to keep on hugging him, just to breathe in his amazing scent that encapsulates the unique impression he makes.


You hope that whatever you're wearing will absorb just a little bit of his magic and hold on tight to it, releasing traces of it sporadically throughout your day.

21. He's your biggest fan

When someone asks him about you, he lights up and proudly describes someone that you're excited to be. He celebrates your successes because he's someone who knows you inside and out and can appreciate both your struggles and achievements.

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