Find Out What Your Man's Scent Says About Him — And You

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woman smelling man's cologne

Face it ladies: One of the reasons you're so attracted to the man of your dreams is because, well, he smells good. 

And although science says our physical pull to man's scent lies primarily in pheromones (those odorless chemicals that are secreted through sweat), we have to believe a spritz of sexy-smelling cologne right along the neckline sure as heck doesn't hurt our attraction, either. 

But what does the type of cologne a man wears say about him? (And more importantly, you?) Let's find out.

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Here is what your man's scent says about him — and you:

1. AXE Body Spray

What it says about him: He’s a boy. This is his first introduction to the art of seduction by man-scent. Bonus points if he's wearing the “Phoenix” scent (that's the blue one for all you Axe first-timers.)

What it says about you: You’re also young and you're also probably his sister, who's mad that your shared bathroom smells like a mix of "dirty teenage boy" and "dirty teenage boy trying to mask the scent with Axe."

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2. Abercrombie Woods

What it says about him: Alert: You're in love with an 8th grader.

What it says about you: The Abercrombie cologne mall fumes have somehow poisoned your brain. We don't blame you — it's basically the only smell we remember from 1999-2002.

3. SoCAL By Hollister

What it says about him: He's a Midwesterner trying to be a surfer.

What it says about you: You're a Midwesterner trying to date a surfer.

4. Old Spice

What it says about him: He's a confident family man in and out of the bedroom who values traditions. He might also be topless on a white stallion or a wannabe-Hipster who lives in a studio apartment in Brooklyn, we're not really sure. 

What it says about you: You like your men like you like your coffee: Strong and with a hint of spice. Or quite possibly, you like your men like you like your grandfather, since chances are he wore Old Spice too.

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5. Polo Blue Sport By Ralph Lauren

What it says about him: Preppy. Wears boat shoes. Plays one of the following sports: Lacrosse, polo (water or horse), golf, or tennis.

What it says about you: You watch waaaay too much Gossip Girl.

6.  Polo Red By Ralph Lauren

What it says about him: He's an accountant from Des Moines who thinks he's a Formula One champion racer in Monaco. Easy to confuse the two, we know.

What it says about you: You can do better, girl.

7. Drakkar Noir

What it says about him: He peaked during high school (way, way back in the 1980s).

What it says about you: You always wanted to date the quarterback.

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8. Bleu De Chanel

What it says about him: He’s the outdoorsy kind of guy, with a hint of sensitivity and seduction.

What it says about you: You are easily seduced. Being seduced is basically your love language

9. Acqua De Gio

What it says about him: He’s a walking Febreeze bottle freshening up everything in his path.

What it says about you: You enjoy "clean" men and the smell of newly-washed laundry.

10. Burberry Brit For Men

What it says about him: He's sophisticated and knows what he wants. Or, even better, he's British.

What it says about you: You like a man with direction who oozes sophistication and may or may not have an accent.

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