3 Experts Share The Unsexy Male Body Parts Women Are Obsessed With

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So, last year's unattainable "ideal" man is none other than Captain America himself, Chris Evans — People's most recent Sexiest Man Alive. Not that it's a competition, but even if you tried to meet that Marvel-ous standard, you'd be hard-pressed to match "America's A**." 

It's OK, though. Everyone knows it's more about how you act than how you look. Even if your vibe is more like America's spare tire. That's right — Dad Bods ... assemble!

Three of YourTango's top love experts share the "unsexy" body parts that women find most attractive, and you're going to like what you read. Here's a hint: There's no need to break out that old Five-Minute Abs DVD. Besides, crunches and burpees are so last year.

No, based on our experts' insights, you'd be better served to grab an old tennis ball and start squeezing — then make an appointment to get your nails done. And if you've let that midsection go a little, don't fret. Go ahead and enjoy that last donut. She'll thank you later.

Love experts reveal the unsexy body part women obsess over in men

1. Well-trimmed (and cleaned!) fingernails.

The torso is the answer you’ll get most often if we’re looking at statistics. We all know that women tend to be more complex than just coming to a conclusion based on some muscle definition. The hands tell a more extraordinary story.

Are you good with your hands? Do you have good hygiene? Will you be able to touch her properly? Will she want you to touch her? This is the story your hands tell.

Clean, short nails, muscle definition from some physical labor or workouts, yet soft. Get a manicure and take note of what goes into making your hands look good. Incorporate that kind of hand maintenance into your routine. 

- Erika Jordan, love coach, NLP

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2. A not-so-chiseled chest.

Man boobs (moobs) are one of the most unsexy body parts that some women love to fondle, while others prefer to use them as pillows to rest their heads. Just like guys love touching women's breasts because they are soft and supple, moobs can be tempting for women to caress and snuggle into them as cushions.  

You might be interested to know that men can get sexually aroused by having their moobs stimulated, especially if you include some nipple play, as blood flow increases around their breast tissue. Giving his moobs a sensual massage using different body parts, including your hair, tongue, warm or cool breath, fingertips, hands, elbows and even sliding your breasts over his can be memorable foreplay.

Dr. Ava Cadell, author, clinical sexologist, founder of Loveology University. 

3. Those strong — sometimes scratchy — hands.

What a woman finds sexy is certainly a personal preference.  What may surprise you is that hands are a functional part of a man’s body, which initially most may not think of as “sexy." But many women feel differently.

A man’s face and hands are usually the first part of a man’s body a woman notices. A man’s hands attract attention and interest as men frequently use their hands to exude power. As a result, many women find a man’s hands very compelling.

This is often the first part of a man that a woman will touch, often when they meet and shake hands. This allows her to get a sense of this man, how he wants to be seen, and literally felt.

A great deal is communicated through a man’s hands. Is he gentle, playful, needing to exert control, even dominance? Does he need to inflict pain? A handshake can ignite interest or be a turn-off.  

On a first date, a woman accidentally touching a man’s fingertips can send electricity through her.  Women fantasize about being touched, even caressed, by a man’s hands. This is an erotic fantasy widely shared among women. So hands down, hands win! 

- Patricia O'Gorman, psychologist, life coach

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Carter Gaddis is the senior editor for experts and wellness with YourTango.