A Man's Hands Reveal This Weird Thing About His Personality

Quick! Look at his palm.

A Man's Hands Reveal This Weird Thing About His Personality Getty Images

First dates are always nerve-wracking. You're hoping to make a great first impression that could lead to many more dates.

You're also hoping that this guy will work out for you, and that he's the right person for you. Figuring this out starts with hitting it off in a great way.

In fact, your first date can reveal a lot about each of you. Here's a handy tip to figuring out how your potential boyfriend will be on the first date: just look at his hands.


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According to a recent study published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the length of a man's fingers in comparison to each other determine if he will take care of everything on the date, including the tab.

Researchers studied two groups of undergraduate students: those with masculinized fingers and those with feminized fingers.


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A man with masculinized fingers has short index fingers and longer ring fingers, showing his masculine and testosterone-powered personality.

Men with feminized fingers — longer index fingers than his rings fingers — were more exposed to estrogen in the womb, and therefore, have a more feminine personality.

The length of a man's fingers is determined by the amount of testosterone he was born with.

Therefore, he'll take on more masculine qualities, such as being more aggressive, athletic, and assertive.

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The male students with masculinized fingers were more likely to impress their dates and girlfriends, especially those who were quite confident they could woo almost any woman.


The researchers concluded, "Prenatal testosterone drives men to put more time and energy into buying products and services in order to impress women."

The researchers also found that, although many women have more feminized fingers, they want to make a big effort to impress their possible boyfriend, too.

They'll dress trendy or sexy, put on makeup, wear perfume to smell good, and wear jewelry to get their potential love interest hooked.

Women will also be more willing to buy romantic gifts for their guys to win their hearts. 

The researchers explained, "Prenatal estrogen drives women to spend more time and energy towards buying products and services in order to impress men," exactly like men do to impress women.


Finally, researchers concluded that men's prenatal exposure to testosterone and women's prenatal exposure to estrogen creates their sex drive. This sex drive pushes them to impress their possible love interest with romantic gestures.

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So, use this new knowledge on your next date. It will help you decide whether to stick around and enjoy your time together ... or head for the nearest exit.

Victoria Rosenthal is a love and entertainment writer. 
Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on  July 12, 2015 and was updated with the latest information.