4 Easy Ways To Attract The Guy Who's Been Keeping You In The Friend Zone

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So you met this man who you think is a great guy. You clicked and there was the connection from the get-go. Since then, compatibility and rapport simply became unmatched and both of you started to enjoy each other’s company more frequently. 

Dates, movies, long talks, parties, and hanging out at his house or yours — except intimacy. 

The more you see each other, the more you appreciate him and think he is a perfect fit to be your boyfriend. 

You now find yourself wishing and hoping for him to make advances and reveal his feelings for you. But sadly, it isn’t happening. 

He is not moving things forward and worse, you can sense that your situation is likely to remain platonic. You're ready to get out of the friend zone, but you don't know how. 

It could be that you failed to create sexual tension that could have made him think, without a doubt, that you are his woman.

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Here are four easy ways to attract the man who has been keeping you in the friend zoone:

1. Act with sensuality

You can be attractive and sexy but aren’t sensual. Sensuality is when a woman is receptive and is fully present in the heart and body rather than in the mind.

A sensual woman, because of her inviting, engaging, and riveting energy helps her man discover a facet of his being, steering him into an unusual dimension where he hasn't been before — into his own emotions. 

And this, for a man, is truly mesmerizing.

Learn some sensual moves like gazing into his eyes for a longer time, or touching his cheek or hair. Use some sensual phrases like "I'm in bed" or "I'm going to take a bath."

Relate with him in a way that stirs his emotions and erotic imagination.

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2. Cultivate your sex appeal

If you are a woman who has those limiting beliefs about men and sex (i.e. men are bad, sex is dirty, sex is bad) then most probably you emit a rigid and guarded kind of energy. 

You subconsciously sabotage any chance that will lead you into a deeper and more profound connection with a man. 

If you want to ooze with sex appeal and confidence (traits that men go crazy about), then you should honor your own body and sexuality in all their glory.   

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3. Don't be too available

Are you always there for him? Do you always agree to meet every time he asks to hang out?

Chances are, if you are always on his radar, it won't take long before your interaction gets too comfortable and boring. 

A day with you turns into a mundane occurrence instead of a phenomenal one. You’re now becoming more of an on-call psychologist rather than a lover.

Be less available. Even play hard to get

Remember that absence makes the heart grow fonder. 

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4. Don't be too nice

Do you talk too much? Do you come over to his place uninvited? Do you volunteer to cook for him? Are you more than happy to do his laundry? Do you always listen to his woes and problems and become his shoulder to cry on?

Functioning is a great mystery killer. You are acting like a girlfriend even before the title.

The most desirable women are the mysterious ones. It is when there is something new to discover about you that his interest gets ignited.  

There is hope.

Friendship is a good foundation for a romantic relationship. We all learned that men marry their best friends, don’t we? In this case, you already won half the battle for the simple reason that your connection is given.

He already loves you. Both of you just have to operate in a different kind of dynamic which is just one step more than friendship.

Sexual spark is the missing link. A little tweaking in your demeanor and it won't be long until he sees you in a different light — his best friend and lover, rolled into one.

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Gem Villamin is a love and life coach and feminine energy healer.