The Best Aphrodisiac In The World Is Also Illegal

...and you've probably tried it.

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When it comes to finding an aphrodisiac to spice up your life in the bedroom, you probably tend to think of food. There's nothing sexier than cracking open a bottle of wine or champagne with a lover and sharing a meal or even chocolate-dipped strawberries.

While there is no solid scientific evidence to support the idea that stuff like dark chocolate, oysters, or other popular aphrodisiacs actually work, that doesn't stop us from trying. What's sexier than eating food together? Food that's meant to speed up the sexier times.


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Can you blame us?

I mean, dark chocolate is friggin' delicious. It can go on so many things, and it can be solid or melted.

Give me dark chocolate over a mediocre bout of sex any day of the week. If I had to choose no sex or no chocolate for the rest of my life, well just send those chocolate bars over.


(No seriously please, give that to me right now I am very hungry for a chocolate snack.)

But science was some news for us that will have even the mightiest chocoholic tossing their candy bars into the wind. 

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The best possible aphrodisiac in the world is also illegal in some states, and may not even be food at all.

A recent study examining the use of marijuana has determined that a SMALL amount of marijuana can act as a powerful aphrodisiac. 

Half of the people who participated in the study reported feeling aphrodisiac effects from smoking marijuana. 


And a whopping 70% reported feeling "enhancement in pleasure and satisfaction."

I like those numbers! 

I mean, even if you are one of those people who don't derive any sexual enhancement from marijuana, you are still high on marijuana which I have been led to understand is a pleasant feeling. Even if you don't have sex after smoking marijuana, the effects of weed are enough to make you happy.

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That said when using marijuana as an aphrodisiac, science has also shown that less is more.

We're talking about grinding up rhino horns and drinking solutions made from scorpions. These are just a few things that people have tried to use to make sexier times more fun.


One thing is clear: 

When it comes to getting it on, men and women will stop at nothing to find an aphrodisiac that REALLY works. As far as we know, there isn't a set of food that has proven to be an aphrodisiac.

Let the search continue, provided it involves significantly fewer scorpions to eat. 


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Rebecca Jane Stokes is a freelance writer and the former Senior Editor of Pop Culture at Newsweek. She writes about lifestyle, geek news, and true crime.