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Woman Catches Cheating Husband Kissing Another Woman On Her Doorbell Camera

Photo: TikTok
Woman Catches Husband Kissing Cheating On Doorbell Camera

Whether it’s seeing a suspicious text on their phone, smelling another woman’s perfume on your partner’s shirt or hearing it from a friend, there’s no good way to catch your partner cheating.

But seeing cheating happening on your own doorstep via your at-home security camera has to be one of the harsher ways to catch your partner in the act.

One woman, Kaylie, says that’s exactly what happened to her and shared a video of the alleged cheating on TikTok. 

The TikTok video shows her husband kissing another woman in front of the Ring camera. 

“When your husband is too sick to go on the family trip you planned,” Kaylie writes on the video of a man walking a woman out of his home and giving her a kiss before she leaves.

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At the start of the clip, the man leaves his house and appears to check if the coast is clear before ushering the woman out of his home. 

Little did he know his own camera would betray him.

“They're not the sharpest tools in the shed,” Kaylie explains in a later video, “He literally kissed her in front of the camera that he installed himself.”

In the comments of the original video, Kaylie writes that her husband mistakenly believed that he had disconnected the camera.

“#cheater, #garbage,” Kaylie captioned the viral video which has amassed over 5 millions views. 

Kaylie says that she is absolutely leaving her husband after catching him in the act.

She didn’t elaborate on how she confronted him but she made it clear that she will not be trying to work on their relationship.

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“He has been apologizing to me but I don’t think any apology is ever going to be good enough,” she explains in another video. “I don’t think I’ll ever be at a point where I’m like, ‘it’s ok.’”

Kaylie says her husband's ‘mistress’ pretended to be her friend to get to her partner.

When asked by her followers why she was putting blame on the woman when it is her husband who cheated, she explained that her husband should take most of the blame but that doesn’t make the woman innocent either. 

She says that the woman “pretended to be my friend and would invite my son over for playdates meanwhile they were playdates for her and my husband.”



“When you involve my child my momma bear is going to come out. She’s just as much of a homewrecker and he is,” Kaylie added. 

TikTok users showed their support for Kaylie in the comments. 

Many ridiculed the man for forgetting about the camera and wondered how he could be foolish enough to get caught that easily.

“The audacity he had taken her to y’all’s home hell nah,” one user wrote.

Others had kind messages of reassurance and support for Kaylie.

“I’m so sorry. But everything happens for a reason. What is coming for you is better than what is gone,” said another. 

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