50 Luxury Gift Ideas For Expecting Moms On Mother's Day

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Mother's Day is always special — but it's even more special when you're expecting a baby. You have life in you!

Celebrate the pregnant mom-to-be in your life by going all out this year: we're talking luxe, one-of-a-kind, over-the-top type gifts she'll simply swoon over.

From a royal British pram fit for a queen to iconic Wayfarers made for a mini, to a rose gold highchair that's straight-up luxury on wheels, these 50 gifts are sure to awe, delight, and take her breath away. (Heck, she's probably already a little short of breath if she's pregnant!) 

Happy shopping and Happy Mother's day, mom-to-be! You deserve the world — but these 50 gifts will have to do instead.

50 Luxury Gifts For Pregnant Moms On Mother's Day

1. Nuna TRIV Compact Stroller

Get the Nuna TRIV Compact Stroller at Nordstrom, $699.95


The ultimate in stroller luxury, keep her and her (future) little one comfortable while running errands, strolling through the park, or heading on vacation with this multi-mode Nuna Triv stroller.

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2. Lalo Play Gym

Get the Lalo Play Gym, $195


The lightweight, luxurious design, machine-washable fabric, and no-tool assembly make this modern Lalo Play Gym — which converts into a tent as baby grows — a no-fuss choice for first-time moms.

3. Jafra Tender Moments Set

Get the Jafra Tender Moments Set from Jafra, $62


Gift the pregnant mom in your life Tender Moments, a high-end collection of ultra-gentle toiletries for babies. Nurturing ingredients from nature, like shea butter and oat extract, soften and soothe the baby's delicate skin and will have her baby smelling like a dream.

4. Vaaliv Ultimate Tangled Rainbow Bundle

Get the Vaaliv Ultimate Tangled Rainbow Bundle from Vaaliv, $160


A truly luxurious gift, this Vaaliv rainbow bundle includes all the favorites she'll need for baby's arrival: 40 x 40 blanket, convertible footie, bodysuit, bibs, and washcloths — all made from Pima Cotton, which is hand-harvested and one of two higher-quality cotton produced around the world. 

5. Milk Snob Luxe Car Seat Cover

Get the Milk Snob Luxe Car Seat Cover from Nordstrom, $38


Keep her future baby protected from the sun and wind with this supremely soft luxe car seat cover. The brushed material provides a custom fit for any car seat and allows the cover to be pulled over her and her little one for a discreet and seamless nursing experience, too.

6. Weefarers Polarized Baby Sunglasses

Get the Weefarers Polarized Baby Sunglasses from Maisonette, $35


The iconic look, reimagined to protect young eyes, gift her a pair of Baby Weefarers and she'll instantly have the coolest baby on the block.

7. Memeeno Baby Belly Band

Get the Memeeno Baby Belly Band from Memeeno, $26.99


The ultra-cozy Memeeno belly band will soothe and calm her future baby in a safe, stylish, and effective way, while also helping to ease colic, tummy aches, gas, and general fussiness.

8. Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker

Get the Charlie Crane Levo Baby Rocker from Project Nursery, $309


Meet the most gorgeous baby rocker you've ever seen! Designed in Europe with modern moms in mind, its clean and simple features will fit perfectly with the interior of her home while also providing a safe, soothing space for her baby.

9. EMC x L'Avant Fresh Linen Candle

Get the EMC x L'Avant Fresh Linen Candle from L'avant, $40


Made of a sustainable and natural 100% soy and coconut blend, this luxe candle is not only a divine gift to give — but it gives back, too: the brand has partnered with Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit established to heighten awareness of the global maternal health crisis and improve access to pregnancy care and resources in the US and abroad. Win/win.

10. bloom Fresco Rose Gold High Chair

Get the bloom Fresco Rose Gold High Chair from bloom, $799


Nothing says luxury like a rose gold highchair — and this bloom Fresco one is usable from day one: go from cradle mode for resting to semi-reclined for bottle-feeding to fully upright with the light-touch handle. It's also completely customizable; choose from myriad seat covers to complement the rose gold exterior.

11. Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Swaddle

Get the Dreamland Baby Weighted Sleep Swaddle from Dreamland, $89


This gently weighted Dream Swaddle is the ultimate in baby swaddling and the perfect way to help her newborn feel calm, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. The weighted swaddle features an exclusive CoverCalm Technology, which evenly distributes weight from her baby's shoulders to toes to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.

12. SkipHop Zoo Bark-Ista Set

Get the SkipHop Zoo Bark-Ista Set from SkipHop, $40


Doesn't get more luxe than a baby barista set! A gift she'll use as baby grows into their toddler years, this build-your-own-cafe is loaded with a whole “latte” fun.

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13. Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor

Get the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor from Miku, $399


Miku Pro propels the smart baby monitor game into completely new territory with its brilliant orchestration of technology in one tiny, powerful package without any wearables or extra “stuff” needed to do so.

14. Honey Cake Tiger Magical Jungle Baby Blanket

Get the Honey Cake Tiger Magical Jungle Baby Blanket from Honey Cake Tiger, $35


Honey Cake Tiger is a hip new kids brand aimed at creating comfy, organic baby and children's clothing, and for every baby blanket they sell, they'll plant a tree: a mission that every mom-to-be can get behind. 

15. Lev Baby Mason Lovey

Get the Lev Baby Mason Lovey from Lev, $15


This bamboo lovey is a must-have for any new mom! Attached to a beech wood teething ring, which is removable to use on its own as a pacifier or teether, this gorgeous lovey is incredibly soft and luxuriously silky. 

16. Two Baby Bears & Co. Swaddle Sleeves & Mitten Set

Get the Two Baby Bears & Co. Swaddle Sleeves & Mitten Set from Swaddle Sleeves, $75.99


Hand-crafted for the highest quality with individual pockets inside the sleeves for even weight distribution, this wearable blanket is designed to be worn over pajamas and is designed for babies who prefer a hands-free swaddle experience.

17. Little Big Playroom Luxurious Marble Bundle

Get the Little Big Playroom Luxurious Marble Bundle from Maisonette, $260


A gift she'll use as her baby ages into the toddler years that will bring hours of active fun. Made from a high-quality memory foam interior and a soft plush exterior cover, this chic ball pit has durable walls and a modern color palette that isn't a design eyesore, like most kid's toys. 

18. KultKid Baby Bodysuit 

Get the KultKid Baby Bodysuit from Kult Kid, $14.99


This new, children's streetwear brand offers gender-neutral accessories and casual clothing in a range of muted and vibrant colors. KultKid also has a ton of celebrity fans, like Alyssa Milano and Shay Mitchell, so you know your hip baby will be in A-list company.

19. Jooki Kids Music Player 

Get the Jooki Kids Music Player from Jooki, $139.99


Guided by Montessori education principles, this award-winning screen-free product connects through WiFi and Bluetooth, helping moms empower their children to develop creativity and emotional awareness through access to a wide range of pre-selected songs, music, and stories. Did we mention it's screen-free? *wink*

20. Mori Supreme Set

Get the Mori Supreme Set from Mori, $485.70


Upscale baby brand Mori has one-stop shopping possible with their Supreme Set, which includes up to 32 of their best-selling products made from organic and natural materials. The price tag is hefty, but you're gifting an entire baby wardrobe — and you can even have it personalized!

21. Tabeeze Baby Bodysuit Bundle

Get the Tabeeze Baby Bodysuit Bundle from Tabeeze, $72


Every baby needs bodysuits and these are the best of the best! Made of super-soft organic ring-spun jersey cotton, this chemical-free fabric retains its strength and durability to outlast even the toughest wear and tear. And it's pre-shrunk, so it washes like a dream. 

22. Ella Ola Baby's Essential Bundle

Get the Ella Olo Baby's Essential Bundle from EllaOla, $95


Luxury baby skincare brand EllaOla's entire line was formulated by pediatric dermatologists from Harvard with the aim of protecting the skin microbiome of an infant. This essential bundle includes superfood baby shampoo + body wash, baby massage oil, hydrating body lotion, and organic diaper rash cream.

23. Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser

Get the Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser from Pura, $44


Pura is the first smart fragrance diffuser where you can control the scent intensity straight from your smartphone! The brand has amazing fragrance partners such as Abbott, Unify, Paddywax, Nest, and more that all have a variety of earthy scents to transform her space into a pregnancy haven. 

24. Baby Castle Modern Design Rocking Bassinet 

Get the Baby Castle Modern Design Rocking Bassinet  from Nordstrom, $399


Pure elegance! This ultra-luxe bassinet perfectly combines design and function with a streamlined chrome stand and a walnut wood base that contrasts with the softly upholstered basket. 

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25. Tiny Roots Logan Crib Sheet

Get the Tiny Roots Logan Crib Sheet from Tiny Roots, $27


For the coziest sleep for her baby, try this ultra-soft fitted crib sheet from Tiny Roots. Made from the same bamboo viscose fabric as their clothing, her little sprouts will enjoy the most luxurious zzz's all night long.

26. Emu Australia Baby Sheepskin Rug

Get the Emu Australia Baby Sheepskin Rug from Emu, $119.95


Made from the finest Australian lambskin, this luxury EMU Australia baby rug is the perfect creature comfort for any newborn. It is 100% natural and hypoallergenic and it also makes a perfect photo backdrop for baby photoshoots — just saying!

27. MontiKids Montessori Newborn Kit

Get the MontiKids Montessori Newborn Kit from Monti Kids, $75


Encourage the pregnant mom in your life to be her baby's first teacher with this beautiful collection of Montessori infant toys, designed by child development experts. They promote concentration, visual tracking, core development, grasp development, and an early love of reading.

28. Olábaby Essential Feeding Kit

Get the Olábaby Essential Feeding Kit from Nordstrom, $49.95


A beautiful feeding gift set to take her baby from newborn to self-feeder, it includes two GentleBottles, a parent feeding spoon, a training spoon, and a SteamBowl that allows for heating and serving in one container.

28. Orijin Bees Fro Love Bee Baby Doll

Get the Orijin Bees Sweet Honey Bee Baby Doll from Orijin Bees, $54.99


Baby Bee Dolls were created to be representative of Black, African American, Latino, Biracial, Caribbean, and all other Black and Brown girls with curly hair. This gorgeous doll is dressed in an Ankara tulle dress.

29. Cassarokids Everest Climbing Waldorf Playset

Get the Cassarokids Everest Climbing Waldorf Playset from Cassarokids, $729

Made from natural birch wood with solid beechwood rungs, this combination of rocker, slide, and a foldable climbing triangle is a perfect option for her baby to grow into — it happens sooner than you think! And the best part is that all these items can be used individually or together, while its simplistic design gives kids a chance to let their imaginations run wild. 


30. Stokke Mutable Multi-Functional MuTable

Get the Stokke Mutable Multi-Functional MuTable from Stokke, $299


Winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2019, The Stokke MuTable comes with four creative and interchangeable double-sided activity boards which spark imaginative play and its modular design features four height-adjustable positions, so it can be comfortably enjoyed by kids of different ages.

31. Ecoriginals Eco-Friendly Diapers

Get the Ecoriginals Eco-Friendly Diapers, $106.95


Not all diapers are created equal! These high-performing, low-environmental impact Eco-Original diapers are the perfect gift for eco-conscious moms and if you buy her a whole pack, you'll be on her favorites list for a long while.

32. Etta Loves x Keith Haring Playmat

Get the Etta Loves x Keith Haring Playmat from Etta Loves, $99


Chic design partnership alert! This organic cotton playmat provides perfect stimulation for tummy time and playtime. And even neater: Keith Haring's artwork has been expertly scaled and colored by a consultant orthoptist specifically to support babies' visual and cognitive development throughout their first year.

33. Baby Dove + Nuby Splish Splash Bathtime Gift Set 

Get the Baby Dove + Nuby Splish Splash Bathtime Gift Set from Amazon, $46.59


This special, baby-soft gift set includes the entirety of Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture collection, featuring hypoallergenic tip-to-toe wash, lotion, and shampoo, which all provide ultra-gentle care for her baby's sensitive skin.

34. Newton Baby Crib Mattress

Get the Newton Baby Crib Mattress from Amazon, $299.99


The reason this Newton baby crib mattress is so unique is that it's made with innovative Breathe-Thru technology that will allow her baby to breathe right through the mattress, reducing the risk of suffocation and CO2 rebreathing. The gift of a calm new mom mind is a great gift. 

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35. Gunamuna Starter Bundle

Get the Gunamuna Starter Bundle from Guanmuna, $75.20


Gunamuna is quite possibly the squishiest, softest baby brand you'll ever come across! Founded by two moms who wanted to create sleepwear they'd use themselves, all their products are made from only the most luxurious, highest-quality fabrics and YKK zippers. This starter bundle feels like a cloud.

36. La Petit Creme Organic French Diapering Starter Kit

Get the La Petit Creme Organic French Diapering Starter Kit from Amazon, $15.29


Luxury even expands into the diaper cream realm: La Petite Creme is an organic, all-in-one replacement for baby diaper cream, baby wipes, and ointment. Its ingredients are all-natural and the beeswax, olive oil, and glycerin are certified organic.

37. 7AM Enfant Rose Dawn Diaper Backpack

Get the 7AM Enfant Rose Dawn Diaper Backpack from Maisonette, $95


Named after New York's most diverse borough, the BK718 Backpack is the perfect day-to-day lightweight travel companion — and chicer than most diaper bags, of course. With 7 interior pockets, 3 exterior pockets, a laptop sleeve, and a suitcase handle, everything a new mom needs will find its place within.

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38. Baby Black Unicorn Tiptoes

Get the Baby Black Unicorn Tiptoes from Tiptoes, $9.09


With the happiest mix of colors, sequins & comfort, babies of all ages can twirl their toes in these stretchy terry cotton slipper socks with non-slip bottoms. 

39. Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat

Get the Chicco NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat from Chicco, $304.99


What better gift than the gift of safety? The NextFit Zip Convertible Car Seat from Chicco is engineered to surround her little one in comfort and safety, starting from day one all the way to preschool and beyond. 

40. ErgoPouch Matchy Matchy Robe

Get the ErgoPouch Matchy Matchy Robe from ErgoPouch, $59.95


Nothing says new baby like a Mommy + Me set! This gorgeous and luxuriously soft bamboo viscose robe drapes over the body for the ultimate stay-at-home comfort for a pregnant mama — and you can buy a matching romper or swaddle bag for her baby.

41. ezpz Mini Mat + Bapron Bundle

Get the ezpz Mini Mat + Bapron Bundle from Ezpz, $42.99


Ezpz partnered with BapronBaby for this chic and functional bundle that will truly make mealtime easy-peasy: it includes the ezpz Mini Mat and the Bapron, a bib-apron hybrid that ties around baby's body rather than the neck for a safer and more comfortable fit.

42. Kulala Baby Sleep Lamp

Get the Kulala Baby Sleep Lamp from Kulala, $249


Created by Dr. Sofia Axelrod, neuroscientist, sleep consultant, and author, The Kulala Baby Sleep Lamp is made from solid wood with a soothing, warm red glow and a modern, high-design composition. She'll find it so soothing and sleep-inducing, she may even want one for herself!

43. Wumblekin Pregnancy Box

Get the Wumblekin Pregnancy Box from Wumblekin, $179.99


Self-care is as much a gift for her baby as it is for her. This Wumblekin Pregnancy Box is stocked with essential items and 3 helpful guide booklets prepared by a panel of baby experts to address the changes and unknowns she'll encounter in the next nine months. 

44. Silvercross Balmoral Pram

Get the Silvercross Balmoral Pram from Silvercross, $4,499

It does not get more luxurious than an iconic pram from luxury brand Silvercross: Each and every Balmoral is constructed by skilled craftsmen in the heart of Yorkshire, England. You're practically British royalty pushing this around. (No, seriously, this is the pram Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton used to tote the future King of England.)


45. Wax Buffalo Mother's Day Gift Box

Get the Wax Buffalo Mother's Day Gift Box from Wax Buffalo, $35


Created on the idea that scent can be a powerful memory trigger, each Wax Buffalo collection is inspired by special moments in one’s life, and what's more special than giving birth to your first baby?

46. Mama Coco Winged Romper 

Get the Mama Coco Winged Romper from Mama Coco, $48


This patent-pending, fastener-free, no over-the-head design makes baby changes easier than ever: a critical concept you can't truly appreciate until you become a mom. Trust us.

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47. Scottish Grocery Mother's Day Luxury Gift Set

Get the Scottish Grocery Luxury Mother's Day Gift Set at Scottish Grocer, $115


This luxury gift set is IT. Truly show how much you appreciate the pregnant mom in your life by gifting her this jute bag filled with Scottish treats: Brodies Darjeeling Loose Leaf Tea, Gardiners Assorted Fudge Tin, Highland Soap Natural Soap Bar, and so many more delicious goodies straight from Caledonia.

48. Illume Balsam & Cedar Caddy Set

Get the Illume Balsam & Cedar Caddy at Illume, $40


Every pregnant mom wants to be pampered and this skin-softening duo revitalizes, repairs, and indulges her hands with intense nourishment. It's made with a vegan blend of sweet almond, coconut, and avocado oils blended with mango butter.

49. Sudshare Personal Launderer

Get Sudshare Personal Launderer at Sudshare, prices vary


What's more luxe than having someone do your laundry for you? (And believe me, with a new baby, there's plenty of it). Gift her the gift of help with Sudshare, the Uber of laundry. Through the app, you schedule laundry to be picked up and it's returned clean and folded the next day. 

50. Lulla Doll


Designed in Iceland and inspired by scientific research on closeness, sleep, and wellbeing, the Lulla doll was in development for three years to get it exactly right. It imitates closeness to a caregiver at rest with its soft feel and soothing sounds of real-life breathing and heartbeat.

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