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Woman’s Ex Said He Got Rid Of Her Cat After She Left Him — But She Found The Cat Abandoned Outside All Alone

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Woman hugging her cat in her kitchen.

Our pets are our entire world. We’d do anything for them, including putting their needs before our own. No matter the kind of day we had at work or the stress we endured at school, they’re always going to get our attention, love and service because they offer their companionship unconditionally.

It’s the same kind of unconditional love that TikTok creator Beccah Nadeau has for her sweet kitten. She vulnerably admitted in a recent video the heartbreak she was forced to deal with after a breakup led to a separation from her fur baby. 

Nadeau's ex-boyfriend ‘got rid’ of her cat after their breakup, but a year later a similar cat showed up outside her house. 

In her video from January 24, Nadeau admitted she hadn’t seen her cat, Bug, in over a year. After her breakup she said her ex, “wouldn’t let [her] take” her cat, instead heartlessly telling her he “got rid of him.” 



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Heartbroken, she spent a year thinking he was with another family, in an animal shelter somewhere, or worse. However, things changed quickly when she came across a similar-looking cat just around the corner from her home. 

When the cat slowly approached, battered and dirty, she started to realize that it wasn’t just anyone’s pet — it was Bug. 

To Nadeau's surprise, the cat she found abandoned outside was the same cat her ex withheld from her.

As the white cat made his way closer to her, Nadeau realized that it was her cat.

“I was devastated,” she replied to a commenter. “I took him to the vet ASAP and got him microchipped — then moved out of state.” 

While he was initially her cat, she shamelessly admitted to “stealing him back.” 

Woman’s Ex Said He Got Rid Of Her Cat After She Left HimPhoto: Roman Budnyi / Canva Pro

With cuts on his face and matting down his fur, she couldn’t let anything worse happen to him. Moving out of state, cutting off contact, and distancing herself from her ex, there wasn’t anything she wasn’t willing to do to ensure the safety and happiness of her Bug. 

“He’s an indoor cat now — fat and happy,” Nadeau added under the video. “I will never ever let go of him again.” 

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Viewers empathized with the simultaneous joy and heartbreak Nadeau experienced with Bug’s return. “My heart is whole now that I have my Bug back,” she admitted under a comment pointing out the hostility of her ex. 

“He didn’t even care about him — he just wanted to hurt you,” one commenter suggested. “I’m so glad he made his way home to you. Wishing you the best.” 



Others pointed out the joy her cat showed in the video, pointing out the “tail pop” that he did as he walked up to her.

It's proven that cats tend to wag their tails when they’re happy, whether it’s a “warm greeting” or because they’re “excited to see you home.”

It was clear that Bug was happy to have found his mom again.

Regardless of her struggles through the past year, everything worked out in the end and Nadeau can love, spoil, and protect her fur baby for the rest of his life. 

Because as happy as Bug is to have found his mom again, Nadeau is equally as pleased, if not more, to have her best friend back in her life.

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