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What The Type Of Cat You Have Says About Your Personality & Emotional State

Photo: Romario Roges / Pexels 
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It’s well known that ancient Egyptians deemed cats to be divine creatures, providing companionship and protection even in the afterlife.

Cat owners today might not mummify their cats or dress their feline friends in gold, the way pharaohs once did, yet anyone who owns a cat knows just how regal they are. Cats are truly one-of-a-kind pets, with each breed possessing unique characteristics that often mirror their owner's personality.

Here’s what the type of cat you have says about your personality and emotional state.

1. Tabbies are calm cats for calm people.

Tabby cats aren’t actually a breed; their name refers to the specific patterns they have on their coats. Tabbies can have stripes, lines, dots or a swirled pattern. They have a mark shaped like the letter “M” on their foreheads and come in a variety of colors, from orange to gray to brown.



Tabbies are known for their calm yet playful demeanor. They love to lounge, especially with their person, and they’re very affectionate and sociable creatures. 

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2. Ragdoll cats are totally chill, just like their owners.

Ragdolls are laid-back and friendly. These gentle softies have no problem sharing a home with other pets or kids. They don’t get stressed out that often, and are usually fine with changes to their routine.

These cats go with the flow, and they’re happy to hang out as long as you’re hanging around, too.

what the type of cat you have says about your personality and emotional statePhoto: Camilo Ospina / Pexels 

3. Russian Blues are intelligent, sensitive, and reserved.

Russian Blue cats are an elegant breed. With their silvery-blue coat and shimmering emerald eyes, these smooth operators are a sight to behold. Russian Blues may come off as shy at first, but once they feel comfortable, they let their playful and affectionate side show. 

Russian Blues are super-attuned to their owners’ moods. They tend to bond with one person in particular, although they’re well-behaved around other cats and kids. The deep connection they form with their person allows them to understand what their person is going through. So, if you’re feeling sad, your Russian Blue buddy will probably try to cheer you up.

Their intelligence is unparalleled. They can play fetch, open doors and containers, and generally figure out the lay of the land quickly. These agile creatures also appreciate places to climb, jump and explore.

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4. Persian cats pride themselves on their independence. 

This breed of cat has been around people since the 1600s, meaning they’re extra comfortable around their owners. They’re quiet and gentle, and they don’t demand a ton of attention.

Persians are happy doing their own thing, whether that’s cuddling up in your lap or finding a sunny patch of floor to stretch out on. 

what the type of cat you have says about your personality and emotional statePhoto: Claudia Schmalz / Pexels 

Persians can be choosy about who they offer affection to, so earning their trust is an important part of winning them over.

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5. Sphynx cats are the best breed for neat freaks.

Sphynx cats are best known for what they don’t have: fur. These hairless wonders are super smart and affectionate, and best of all, non-shedding. They’re a great choice for people who don’t want a layer of cat hair on all their clothes.

Because they don’t have hair, Sphynx cats do need regular baths, which is a great way to bond with your aerodynamic animal.

6. American shorthairs are full of energy.

Domestic shorthair cats make up about 95% of all cats in the US. They have over 80 colors and patterns and are the true definition of a mixed breed. These feline friends are very playful, and they spend a lot of time hunting, stalking and pouncing on their toys.

They love playing games, so get out your laser pointers and feathers, because these cats are ready for a good time. While they have an independent streak, they’re also family-focused, making them a great cat to own if you have kids. 

Most cats are a mix of breeds, especially cats from shelters. This mixing means you get the best of all worlds! However you find your cat, they will most likely display a variety of personality traits, ranging from silly to independent to fun-loving, but overall, sweet and cuddly.

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