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6-10 years


Chilcompton, Radstock SOM BA3 4HP - United Kingdom



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Business Coach, Consultant, Health Coach, Life Coach, Speaker/Presenter

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

I believe inspired women take control of their futures and become role models for the next generation, their peer group & beyond helping others to rethink what is truly important to them and creating a ripple effect of positive change.

About Yvonne Bignall

Hi, YvonneB here! I am personal development leader focused on inspiring confidence, unlocking potential, enabling individuals to believe in their ability to achieve the goals and dreams they truly desire.

YvonneB Vision

To create a community of confident female role models from all walks of life; supporting, nurturing and collaborating to positively impact their standard of living and bring more happiness into their lives.

YvonneB Mission

To develop products and services that help women in midlife become bold decision makers and action takers, creating lives they truly desire by recognising their capabilities and taking responsibility for achieving their dreams.

I live and work by 7 key principles…

Be Fit (at the heart of me, taking care of self) Healthy Body – it’s all about keeping the vessel in top condition. The connection between physical & mental wellbeing is well documented and the better care we take of self the more we can do to help others.

Be Fearless (attitude, motivated, inspired, positive thinking) = Healthy Mind; re-programme our mind computer to think better, fear less, achieve more. When we take time to understand how we operate from a primitive level to a logical level, we enable ourselves to think better, feel better and do better.

Create Freedom (knowing me, working for me) = Healthy Business; seeing & making the most of opportunities whether in business or a career. Creating the flexibility that works for the way we want to live our lives and knowing we can have the lifestyle we want if we are prepared to do the work!

Pay it Forward (giving back) Healthy Community; caring for others, seeing beyond self. We are all connected and what we do impacts others. When we give our time, knowledge, portion of wealth back into the centre we help make the ripple effect of goodness go further, reaching more people in need.

Enjoy Friends & Family (make time to spend time with the people who matter) Healthy Network; building support. If we are the sum of the people around us it is our responsibility to choose those people wisely and influence them positively so that they too strive to have more of what they love in their lives.

Have Fun (doing more of what you love) Healthy Happiness; enjoying life! What difference laughter makes; when we are having fun we are often learning more because we are relaxed. Bring fun into work and play and see how it positively affects others and the environment.

Have Faith (in what you do, in God, in Universal Laws) Healthy Beliefs. Faith is personal and we have the choice to decide who and what we have faith in. The most important thing is to develop faith in oneself and be open to the possibilities that having faith brings.

My experience stems from a 22 year portfolio career in the health, leisure & wellbeing industry, with many personal successes in the world of fitness, in addition to 11 years in business (My first started in 2005). In 2010, I set up my personal development business, YvonneB Limited, as a vehicle to help other women begin their development journeys, creating more of what they want in their life whilst breaking old habits that have held them back (lack thoughts, low confidence, indecision, fear to name but a few).

As a professional trainer and designer of training products I have won awards for my training (2011 ‘Trainer of the Year Award’ by Reed Learning, one of the UK’s largest training organisations) and nominated by clients and business associates for 2 national awards in 2014, ‘What’s On 4 You’ Inspirational Coach, South & Best Hobby to Business support categories (being a finalist in both). I went on to win the Best Hobby to Business Support Award.

Author of three books; Yes You Can; a confidence building tool used as part of the Launching Women Into Business programme, The Virtualholic; created specifically for those wishing to enter the world of virtual service provisions and Being Fabulously Fit & Healthy at 50, a book focused on the importance of self care especially in these times of critical health issues, I love the written word and its potential to empower people. 

I am devoted to building a business that serves my global community in all areas of their lives through collaborations, developing products and services. 

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Yvonne Bignall Success Stories

Life Changing For The Better


‘Following some significant life changes, decisions and challenges over recent years, I’d lost my way in terms of what was important to me and where was I going in life, and was hoping for a kick-start back to an energized, confident and balanced place.more

The sessions were open, friendly and well set out with building blocks that were easy to understand, challenged thinking, opened new ideas and give lots of food for thought and reflection.

Did it make an impact on me? Oh yes!
I understand my connection with food – I’ve chosen a healthier lifestyle and since Pixie Belle waved her fashion wand, black is a last resort! (personal branding)

My relationships are better – I tell people in a balanced way what I think and feel, I’ve made some new friends, reconnected with old ones and I realize that saying ‘no’ is not a bad thing. I think more clearly about what I want and how I can develop a plan to achieve things.

Money is no longer a monster. I’ve realized assets that I forgot I had, and have cleared a significant amount of debt (which quite frankly, draining the fun out of my life). I’m better off and have a plan to be debt free 3 years ahead of my original schedule. And I’m exploring my own business idea.

I can honestly say that I couldn’t have made these changes without Yvonne and the other women on the sessions spring boarding me into action.Yvonne’s infectious, dynamic enthusiasm lifted my spirits at a time when I really needed it, she re-lit my fading confidence and gave me the tools to renew my journey in life and embrace whatever challenges come my way. I laugh more, live more, and I take time to simply be, me.

Danielle Hughes, Principal Commercial Manager, BT

Finally I Can See The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Kate Shakespeare, 40 and a bit years old! Centre Manager, Somer Business Centre, Somerset, UKmore

My story starts in 1999 age 28.

Until then I had enjoyed a brilliant career in the Police Force, my finances were more than I needed and I thought life couldn’t get any better.

I became pregnant with my son Liam who is now 14 and I faced an uncertain future as a single parent. To be honest I became a little anxious at what the future would hold.

I continued with my career for several years but the stresses and long hours of the job were starting to tell and in 2006 I decided to leave the Police Force to spend more time with him. For the next five years, I had various part time jobs such as shelf stacking in a DIY store, cooking in a residential home, care assistant work and administration jobs. I loved my son dearly and would never have changed a thing but I felt my brain was dying and so needed some challenges and motivation.

In 2011 when Liam was 11 and soon to start at senior school I decided I had to get a full time job and get some of my pride and sense of
achievement back. Through luck and hard work I managed to get a job as a full time administrator at a 41000 square foot brand new serviced office-centre with visions of working my way up to some sort of management position within maybe 5 to ten years. Now comes the bit I struggled with – within a year I was the centre manager and the owners of the building were putting all their faith in me to make their huge
investment pay. No pressure then!

My life was turned upside down; stress –responsibility – I knew nothing about Health and Safety, Fire Risk Management, HR law, what had I
taken on?Determination prevailed and I was getting on fine with lots of steep learning curves, tears and frustration. There were days I thought
it would be easier to give up.

In 2012, I met someone that helped me completely change my way of thinking. Yvonne told me about a pilot programme she was running and with some trepidation I decided to do the programme. From just talking to her I sensed that this was going to be something special and could help me change my life.

I was so right! Four months later my life and my whole attitude has changed, the business centre is now full of happy businesses and tenants
and although I’m not quite where I want to be with my life, I feel completely on track to a brilliant future. With so many grateful thanks
to you Yvonne, you are such an inspiration.

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