Netflix & Chill Makes You BORING! Here Are 5 Things To Do Instead

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happy woman

Would it surprise you to know that adults in the US will spend an average of 5 hours, 31 minutes watching television or movies each day this year?

Apart from the fact that TV can be overwhelmingly depressing or brain deadening, is that really how you want to while away the precious hours of your life? With the constant talk about ‘not having enough time’, ask yourself: how much time do you want to spend LIVING your life versus losing yourself in technology and escapism?

Being a woman in business I know how easy it is for me to get caught up in emails, videos, social media and the like (fortunately I am not a TV addict – phew!) but the things that are truly important to me MUST be given time and attention. They are the things that make me appreciate life, relationships, health; just being here.

Instead of sitting and watching your five hours of TV today, try out some of these ways to replace your TV time and ultimately make you a happier, more productive person:

1. Go for a run. It’s good for the body (duh!) and also the mind! A mere 30 minutes per day reduces stress, lifts your mood, clears your mind and increase your creativity. It's 30 minutes well spent!  

2. Learn something new. There is nothing quite like learning something new to help you develop a sense of self. Think about what’s important to you, what life means to you and what you can do to maximize your time here on earth. Learning something new can help you learn who you are as a person as well as inspire you to be more active in the community. And it helps to encourage exploration and seizing new opportunities as they come. You just might find something that really fills you up with joy! Overall, trying something new is a growing process that will make you feel happier and fuller.

3. Pay It Forward. Sometimes a little bit of time dedicated toward others, especially those not quite as content or well off in their lives, helps you realize how fortunate you are. And doing something good for someone else honestly just makes you feel good inside. How can it not? You did something to brighten up someone else's day. Plus, makes you realize just how much you have to give. If you have ever wanted to make better use of your time and give back, "paying it forward" gives you a sense of pleasure and gratitude that is rarely matched. Time, money or kind word can change the world for someone in need. And yes, you have that power.

4. Do something you love with people you love. If TV and technology were banished for a day and you were given a free pass to do or plan anything, what would you do? Plan to travel somewhere? Start writing a book? Take your family out for a fun day? Cook a delicious meal for friends? These are sometimes the things we put off because we allow work life and escapism to take over. It’s your time, use it doing something you love. What's better than having fun and enjoying yourself when you're with your loved ones?

5. Spend some quality time at home. Oh to have some quality time with the people who really matter in your life, right? Whether you have a strong bond with blood family or whether your family consists of friends who have always been there for you, taking quality time to spend with them is a gift. We're talking QUALITY time — not watching TV or eating dinner while the kids stare at their phones. It's time together to treasure — create memories, be fully attentive, have fun, and laugh. If you have any spare time, there is no better place to spend it than with the ones you love.

If you DON'T have spare time it would do you good to re-evaluate where your time is going. Your free time is something only you can control, so make sure at the end of each day you can say you've accomplished something (and I'm not talking about finally having finished that season finale of your favorite show!) If you're able to change the way you use your time, then you'll lead a happier, more balanced life. Less TV, less texting and more living!