How Standing Out From The Crowd Can Boost Your Confidence


It can get really comfortable being in the stalls with the crowd. No one looks right at you, no one can pick holes in your opinion and no one can tell you you’re wrong.

And so you live but not fully, you do things but nothing too uncomfortable and before you know it you realize how unfulfilled you are. In essence you have learnt to be ‘satisfied with your lot.'

Well it’s time to break out of those chains and have your say! What you might see as an insignificant contribution could change someone else’s life. So instead of worrying what others will think, focus on the difference you might make.

Here are some women rocking out their voices for positive change; and ‘this could be you.’

Meet Ugaaso Abukar Boocow. Never heard of her? Let me tell you, this young woman is having her say about her homeland. She is a Somali woman, sharing her life in Somalia with 42k followers on Instagram! Ugaaso wants people to see life is changing and although there are still threats around (she talks about snipers on roofs and car bombs) she is passionate to share her story and open up her world. She wants to stand up for women’s rights and be part of the change.

What can you share from your life to change people’s perceptions for the better?

Meet Natalia Vodianova, a Russian Supermodel who has graced the cover of Vogue. She has kicked off a debate on the rights of disabled people following a terrible incident where her younger sister, Oksana, who has autism and cerebral palsy, was asked to ‘leave a restaurant’ because she was frightening other customers away. Really?! This blatant disregard for others needs to be exposed and spoken about until changes are made. The story flooded social media and some prominent people had their say such as Yevgeniya Albats, editor-in-chief of The New Times magazine who said  "I will never set foot in the Flamingo cafe and I hope you will support me."

What injustices do you see in your community or in the world at large that you can add your voice to or be the voice of? If you’re not doing something to bring about the changes you want to see how do you expect them to change?

Meet Meghan Markle, Actress (stars in Suits, my favorite program right now), Writer and Editor-in-Chief of her lifestyle brand, The Tig. Her story is one of racism; a stain on society that never seems to shift far enough away even as the world becomes more cosmopolitan. Meghan is biracial and in her open and honest interview she shares how she was ‘not black enough to get black roles, and not white enough to get white roles’ in auditions. And when the public realized she was of mixed heritage (in the Suit) comments on Twitter like ‘Ew, she’s black? I use to think she was hot’ started appearing. My initial thought; are you kidding me? She is hot! And through this interview with Elle UK she is putting her confident voice into action and having her say on the ignorance (as well as the love) that exists in her world. If I had a daughter and had to choose a role model, she would be it; accomplished, determined, accepting and balanced.

When have you had to deal with people’s ignorance and how has that left you feeling? What would you like to say to eradicate small minded thinking? What''s your story?

You see, you have a choice. You can sit in the stalls and wait for others to get on the stage and take action or you can decide to get your confident voice polished up and out there. It’s one of the reason I love writing. Never again will I be satisfied with having thoughts, opinions and knowledge and doing nothing to share them.

So stop hiding in the shadows and have your say; because YOU add value!

Live Blissfully,