Women With These 10 Personality Traits Make The Best Girlfriends A Guy Could Ever Have

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Women With These 10 Personality Traits Make The Best Girlfriends

When it comes to finding lasting love in romantic relationships, there are certain personality traits guys can look for in a woman they are dating in order to determine if she has what it takes to be long-tern girlfriend material.

And if you've met a girl who knocked your socks off and you're thinking of taking things up a notch to girlfriend-boyfriend status, you're probably spending some decent time observing her and analyzing all of the different facets of her personality to determine is she really is the right one for you.

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Well, here is a checklist that can help you make a decision (and start saving up for that engagement ring).

If you're dating someone and considering taking things in your relationship to the next level, remember that women with these 10 personality traits make the best girlfriends a guy could ever have.

1. Caring

You want to know that your girlfriend cares about your thoughts, good or bad. You also want to know if you can trust her with your innermost thoughts and feelings and she will treasure them as much as her own.

2. Cooperative

She is a team player!

Men, we know most of us love our team sports and look at life through that lens. When you have reason to believe a woman is ride or die and will battle it out with you in the trenches, she’s a keeper.

3. Ambitious

In a world where there are so many opportunities explore her passions, you want to see that your girlfriend has the drive to pursue them. Going for what she wants out of life is always a turn-on.

4. Committed

It takes a long time for many of us guys to commit. When we finally decide to make that choice, you want assurance that she is just as committed. It will help you get closer to making the decision to take the relationship to the next level.

5. Forgiving

Men, we know we tend to be the ones who make the bonehead mistakes in relationships. Or even worse, we often have a difficult time processing our feelings, especially during arguments. It’s comforting when your lady can forgive you for those mistakes and any lack of communication. It will help the relationship grow into something wonderful and authentic.

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6. Intelligent

This should go without saying, but women who are intelligent, independent, and thought-provoking are some of the sexiest women alive. You want a girlfriend who can hold her own in any setting she finds herself in — which also means she should be able to expect you to be able to do the same.

7. Fun-loving

Men like it when a girl can laugh at our corny jokes and just have fun. She doesn't have to be a stand-up comedian, but you don’t want her to be boring, either. The ability to relax and enjoy life is key to a good solid relationship.

8. Unselfish

If she is constantly worried about, "Me, Me, Me," there will be little time left for you. This personality trait is similar to being a team player. Real talk: there will be times where you will want her to put herself first and vice versa, but neither of you should be doing that all of the time.

9. Ebullient

Isn't it wonderful when your girlfriend can just roll with the punches, no matter what happens in life? We live in a society in which we tend to focus on the negative things that happen to us, especially as men. If you have a girlfriend who is able to see the brighter things in life, she'll help you maintain that mindset, too.

10. Loving — and she loves you!

Your woman loves the people around her and she shows it, not just in words, but also in her actions. Even more important, she loves you for you, faults and all. She is not trying to change you, but she wants the best for you and from you.

The love you'll find with a woman who has these personality traits just might be powerful enough to get you to the alter.

If not right now, at least you will be able to stick your chest out and tell your friends, "I have the best girlfriend ever!"

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Keith Dent is a relationship and life coach, as well as the author of "In The Paint: How to Win at the Game of Love." If you are having issues figuring out which personality traits you admire, give him a shout via email. He would love to talk to you.