3 Simple Waning Moon Rituals To Help You Let Go

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How do waning moon rituals aid in the process of letting go?

More often than not, letting go so you can move on to new things and invite in change is more of a process than an event. Release tends to unfold and move through stages of varying degrees of commitment and fulfillment.

The progress can be iterative and uneven. Sometimes, in its unfolding, change creates a whole new wave of unexpected subsequent changes.

In this way — and despite the desire for change — release can be frustrating and exhausting.

Anyone going through such this type of process can find support and comfort in waning moon rituals.

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How does the energy of the waning moon help you release and let go?

The Influence of Lunar Energy

Even if you can't feel the energy of the waning moon, it's definitely there. The moon exerts a significant influence on the earth and all its inhabitants.

Consider that every day the moon dictates the time and intensity of the oceans' tides: two high and two low tides.

According to the Water Science School of the USGS, water makes up approximately 60 percent of a human's body weight. The heart, brain, and lungs are all in excess of 70 percent water.

Therefore, it stands to reason that the moon could have a strong pull on you too.

Letting Go With The Moon

The waning moon follows the full moon.

It represents the phase when the bright round disc of the full moon progressively diminishes from right to left in the northern hemisphere and ultimately completely vanishes into the dark new moon to begin another cycle.

Full moon energy represents decisive endings like severing a contract, signing over the title of a house, or turning in a job resignation. The waning moon retains the quality of letting go.

However, it's softer and less clearly delineated. This phase represents adjustment and reinforcement that supports the completion of the letting go process.

Furthermore, as the strength of the energy to clear and release continuously diminishes, it can evermore gently lessen or remove obstacles to starting something new at the onset of another lunar cycle.

Experiencing The Process Of Change

Even when change is desired, letting go can be difficult. It can entail releasing habits that are difficult to break or there's some part of you that just doesn't really want to give up.

Change always has some element of vulnerability in that there are unknowns and, therefore, potential pitfalls. Endings can usher in sadness, grief, and remorse.

Fortunately, waning moon energy helps counter the forces that challenge your resolve, stymie your efforts, and sabotage the fulfillment of your desired outcomes.

Waning Moon Rituals

Waning moon rituals are numerous and many are similar to some everyday introspective practices.

What makes the specific practice a waning moon ritual is the stated intention and timing: to release, sustain the change, and allow life to move forward in the desired way following the lunar cycle.

For the purposes of simplicity, just three selected practices are suggested here. Together they address some common obstacles that get in the way of letting go and manifesting desired change.

The first practice soothes loss, grief, and remorse. It can also be used to reduce stress and stimulate revitalization.

The second practice provokes new insights and opens the perspective.

Lastly, the third practice is used to challenge limiting beliefs that interfere with or block the transformation.

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Here are 3 simple waning moon rituals that can help you let go.

1. Aromatherapy

Take advantage of the subtle and therapeutic healing properties of plants. Add just a few drops of the right essential oils to a soothing bath and transform your mood.

Although there are countless essential oil choices, here are a few that instill the kind of self-care needed during the waning moon:

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) for relaxation and sleep

Neroli or orange blossom (Citrus aurantium) for emotional support

Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) for invigoration.

Many strong, brightly scented oils are not appropriate for the bath because they can cause skin irritation. However, you can diffuse them through the air and create a revitalizing atmosphere.

Lavender, neroli, and frankincense are safe to diffuse, but here are several additional stronger, stimulating choices that encourage the flow of energy or chi:

Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is bright, clears the mind, and strengthens resolve

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is perfect for focus and concentration

Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi) sharpens the senses, promotes optimism and confidence, inspires, and relieves nervous exhaustion

Fragonia (Agonis fragrans) is remarkable in its capacity to move mental, emotional, and energetic blocks that can revitalize and inspire

Use an aromatherapy practice whenever you feel the need or desire for support or reinforcement from one of these waning moon rituals.

2. Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a tool of introspection. The power of the cards is in their ability to provoke curiosity and a more open focus.

The thinking mind depends heavily on past experiences and the expected outcomes based on those experiences. It's self-reflective.

In contrast, oracle cards don't explicitly and concretely answer an inquiry. Instead, they tantalize the more spacious, curious, and creative mind.

In doing so, new opportunities are revealed.

Use the simplest method of reading oracle cards. Start with a question or a request for guidance on a particular issue. Perhaps, a stumbling block or decision point.

Shuffle the deck and pick a random card. Draw meaning from the image, what's written, or both. Sense into it.

What are you drawn to and why? Are there different ways to interpret the words? Let the experience stimulate your senses and broaden your thinking.

3. Thought Work

Thought work can mean any cognitive process involving reasoning or problem-solving. However, here it means challenging thoughts or limiting beliefs.

Everyone has thoughts and beliefs that help them make decisions and guide them through life. Sometimes, those very thoughts can hold you back from moving forward.

For example, I can't change my profession without earning a whole new academic degree.

Challenging limiting beliefs is often essential during the waning moon phase of a transformation. It's critical to seeing alternatives and new opportunities.

So, when you're making a change, enlist the support from waning moon rituals.

Change is a constant and it often requires that we let go. Sometimes the loss is trivial or unnoticeable, but often not. Attuning with natural energetic forces can help.

These three simple rituals can help you manage and soothe grief, gain insights into the change process, and stay the course.

Ultimately, that means not only more likely success but also greater ease while achieving it.

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Patricia Bonnard, Ph.D., ACC is a certified International Coaching Federation (ICF) leadership coach and a certified Martha Beck life coach. For more information, contact her or visit her website.

This article was originally published at starchaser-healingarts.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.