Here’s How To Raise Your Vibration To Attract The Life You Want (From The Inside Out)

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How To Raise Your Vibration With Energy Healing & Positive Thoughts

Having a healthy lifestyle means taking part in self-care and it includes listening to your Earthsuit, a.k.a. your body. By listening to your body you'll learn how to raise your vibration, practice energy healing, and hone positive thoughts. 

Every day, I do morning daily energy readings on social media for folks to get an idea of how to manage their human selves. This is to help them get through the day as best as they can so they can live a happy and healthy life.

So, when you listen to your Earthsuit, what is it telling you? Is it uncomfortable? Does it need feeding or watering? Is there discomfort in it? If so, it's time to take care of yourself.

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Since we’re beings with an electrical system primarily maintained by the brain and cultivated by the water in our bodies, it means we are electricity and have an electromagnetic field of energy we emit. It’s our broadcasting signal, our beacon, our aura.  

This signal gets created by neurons (brain cells) and set off by electrical impulses that shoot in certain patterns and rhythms called neuroplasticity — these create highways that get grooved into the brain matter for the electric impulses to travel (behavior learning).

Therefore, each individual thought has a certain neural electrical pulse it travels on the neural pathway over and over and over again when it’s stimulated or triggered.

So, a thought has an electronic broadcasting signal. This signal vibrates in subatomic particles (a.k.a. "energy") and gets stored in the body while it’s being emitted outside of the body as frequencies and vibrations.

When trauma happens of any magnitude — either emotional or physical — a series of impulses get created in the brain, and a new neural pathway of that experience is built, an energetic imprint is now left in the body.

As that impulse gets triggered, it basically gets recreated over and over and over as it commutes on that trauma highway. The signal now being broadcast is trauma. Your aura now shows up as if you are in a constant state of survival and the Universal Law of Attraction comes into play.

Since we’re electromagnetic beings, we will create our experiences based on where we are vibrating from; in other words, we will only attract what our frequencies will match, similar in vibration. There is a familiar saying we’ve all heard: Birds of a feather flock together.

When your body is holding an emotion, it will store it in an area where you are most likely to pay attention to it, and location differs from Earthsuit to Earthsuit. It is a sign that there is too much emotional-energetic build up in that particular area and is asking for relief of pressure and energy integration.  

Your Earthsuit is much smarter than you are because it lives on electrical impulses which aren’t necessarily tangible or detectable in reasoning, and they get registered by the brain super-fast. It knows when it's time to learn how to take care of yourself and be healthy.

Your body is trying to tell you something. 

Your body can tell you when it’s time to start healing and getting over issues in your life before your mind does. Your body is literally speaking to you.

The problem is that we believe we’re smarter than our body, so we’ll think our way out of situations. However, feelings are where electricity truly lives.  

Emotions are energy in motion, and we get feelings from emotions. It’s the thoughts that cause the emotions, which is why we humans get so confused and try and ‘think’ our way out of situations. 

The key is to "feel" our way in or out of situations. 

There are varying degrees of vibrational frequencies from high to low and you can get a good idea of where your point of attraction is (remember we get what vibration we match too) and the better you feel the higher the vibration.

Pain in the body is an indicator of a lower vibration, so you know what that means — you are attracting low vibrational situations and people.  

This is why it’s so important to heal not only your body but also your brain. 

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Neuroplasticity is the ability to learn something new and different. This is the reason we need change and difference.  This is the reason we need to heal that emotional trauma that’s stored in our Earthsuits.

We need to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

We can learn to regulate that energy build up in our bodies from what we’ve learned and have been programmed by neuroplasticity. We can learn to create change and have different experiences by building new neural pathways.

We do that by healing, addressing, and integrating our trauma energy into our current reality, our current vibrational frequency with the right empathetic support. 

It's so easy to forget just how sci-fi we humans really are and don’t give ourselves enough credit in our abilities to be wizards to create new and wonderful futures using our brain to recalibrate our energy.

This is the process of doing Earthwork like therapy, counseling, and coaching alongside your lightwork like healings, reiki, and crystals. And, yes, self-care activities also play a part.

Changing our electromagnetic system to integrate into a new, upgraded one takes courage, patience, redirection, empathy, support, and a good sense of humor. There are many wonderful energetic healing modalities to use along the way that complements the Earthwork using energetic frequencies.

Never forget just how powerful you really are! You can create something from nothing if you listen to your body and give yourself permission to invest in yourself emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically.

Want to change your life? Start by changing your brain and energy. 

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Terrie Huberman is a publicly tested and validated psychic medium and intuitive coach based out of Los Angeles, California and works online internationally as well. Visit her website and schedule a free call to learn how she can guide you into a thriving life of freedom, joy, and security.