5 Dirrrty Sex Games For Married Couples, To Keep That Sex HOT AF

Have the sex you DESERVE.

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Sure, every guy has a dark side. And when we say “dark side,” we mean the horny side of a man that thinks about scoring with every woman he meets, sees or even emails. It's just natural for a man to think about sex constantly, being the evolutionary survivalist intent on spreading his seed and procreating like a mad little bunny.

Of course, the good and decent man that you are prevents you from actually cheating or causing any trouble in your marriage. And herein lies the challenge. You want to experience that wonderfully spontaneous sex that you remember in single life, while still keeping your family situation intact. 


Sure, you could do what most dumb guys do and masturbate to Japanese porn on the Internet. Or you could use your creative ability to come up with a solution that will enhance your marriage, making things more enjoyable for you and your partner. (Who by the way, is just as horny as you are, you big slut)

One of the best things you can do to rekindle those flames of passion and lust is to engage your partner in sex games for married couples.

What often happens is that married couples become so used to the routine of sex, where the obligation is cared for, but little is given to the imagination, that they forget the feelings of eroticism that make sex so enticing in the first place.


1. Board games


Sex games bring an element of fun, interactivity, and mystery to a bored couple. Whereas routine sex always involves a pattern of the familiar, “board games” intended for adults take away your right to plan your own patterns, and create the choreography for you.

The cards or the “book” gives you orders to follow, and this might include foreplay or genital contact. The game could be organized according to a traditional dice board game (where certain spots allow you to pick up cards), or may be a series of questions designed to share your sexual know-how or secret desires.


2. Truth or dare


Other sex games might require players to perform specific challenges — anything from eating food off your partner to removing clothing pieces one by one. The idea is that removing your control over sexual behavior makes the encounter much less predictable.

3. Role playing



Of course, sex games for married couples don't have to be a neatly wrapped package gift. Some will create their own unique sex games.

Married couples might choose to role play for a change, have some fun with costumes, story scenarios, and over-the-top acting performances. It's like shooting your own porn movie where you get to be the star.

4. Sharing fantasies


Another common “game” is that of sharing fantasies with each other. Why have plain, vanilla sex when you and your wife can share kinky fantasies of cheating, threesomes, affairs and orgies all in the comfort of your own bedroom?

5. Bondage


Last but not least, couples can play BDSM or bondage games, which is a special form of role playing involving dominant and submissive behavior. There are no cards or instructions to give read aloud, but there are all sorts of game cues, from tying your partner up, to dirty talking, to even playing bondage fantasies, as if you are your partner's sex slave or vice versa.


There is only one rule when it comes to BDSM sex games: Everyone gets a “safe word,” a code name for time out, so that no one gets seriously injured or has their feelings hurt when being plowed by a giant dildo.

Who doesn't like playing video games or trivia games? Well, just think if you could combine playing games with having sex. It will be like inheriting a new XXX-rated playmate without giving up the dream of a happy marriage.

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