5 HOT Kamasutra Positions That Will Turn You Into A SEX GOD

Be the best she's EVER had.

5 Kamasutra Positions That Will Turn You Into A Sex God weheartit

Let's be honest, guys. If you really want to be known as a sex god, then you're not going to make it with just missionary and cowgirl. You have to be a little imaginative, and maybe even a little crazy if you want to be the best lover she ever had.

So let's talk about KamaSutra positions.

What is the KamaSutra?

The KamaSutra is actually an ancient Indian Hindu script dating back to 400 B.C. The credited author was Vatsyayana.


While most people think of the KamaSutra as a collection of dirty pictures, it actually consists of prose, poetry and philosophies — with no pictures accompanying the original text.

It also covers subjects of love, family happiness, and other important tasks.

There are ten chapters of the script devoted to embracing, caressing, kissing, touching, biting, slapping, moaning, oral sex and various forms of sexual penetration. In total 64 sexual acts are detailed.

Here are the 5 Kamasutra sex positions you must try:

1. The Swimmer

Have your sex buddy lie on her stomach and put her arms above her head, with legs spread apart. Pretend that she's swimming while you're on top entering her, keeping your feet together. 


This is an excellent way to reach the G-spot and to get a "tighter fit."

2. The Gymnast

Have your girl lie on her back and then elevate her knees towards her head. An alternative would be to keep her legs straight and pull them back farther towards her ears.

Support her legs on your shoulders, kneel and enter her. This allows for very deep penetration.

3. Horseback

Instead of plain old missionary, have her put her right leg over your shoulder while riding you. Continue cowgirl style until you want to change legs. 

It's not only visually exciting, it also frees up her hands to work their wonders. Kamasutra positions are all about trying the same type of insertions you know, but in different rotations and angles.


4. 360 Style

Start off in cowgirl then have her turn to a 90 degree angle towards your right. The unique twist will produce a new and pleasurable sensation. Try it slow at first and let your girl control the depth and speed for her comfort.

5. Wheel Sex


This is fairly complicated but the pay off is great and it feels like theKamaSutra! First, understand that the position is basically a sideways version of cowgirl-woman-on-top. 

Here's how you do it. First, you have both partners sit down opposite each other. She wraps her legs around your torso and you enter her from there, wrapping one leg over her and keeping her in place. She will use her hands to push herself up slightly, while you steer things using your elbow for support.

Kamasutra positions are a lot of fun and can take your sex life to another level entirely. However, if you want to be the best she’s ever had, you need to use the best techniques.

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